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By: Wellington-waterloo Community  09-12-2011

WHAT IS COMMUNITY ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT (CED)? CED  is a process by which the public sector, business and community partners work together to make their region a better place to both work and live. CED integrates social, cultural and environmental dimensions into decisions to ensure the right conditions for economic growth and job opportunities. HOW IS CED UNDERTAKEN?
Local stakeholders know what competitive advantages and resources their area has. They know what distinguishes them from their neighbours. However, key aspects to a region can definitely improve and even accelerate the CED process, helping the stakeholders develop their region to make it the most attractive it can be! These include:

  • effective and regular communication between business, government and community groups
  • properly maintained infrastructure
  • access to skills development opportunities
  • community enthusiasm and commitment

HOW CAN THE WWCFDC CED HELP YOU? The WWCFDC can assist with the following:

  • Soci o-Economic research , analysis and report writing
  • Strategic Planning
  • Facilitation (assist in developing a vision, goals, objectives and timelines)
  • Research to secure funding and proposal writing
  • Provide recommendations on CED opportunities
  • Act as liaison between local organizations, business and representatives of government and industry


  • Guelph Wellington Local Culinary Food Tourism Planning Committee
  • Creation of the 2009 Socio-Economic Profile of Wellington County
  • Wellington County Rural High Speed Internet
  • Deliverence of the $450,000 Community Adjustment Fund within Wellington Waterloo, examples:
      Launch of the Ontario Equine Centre, a world premier equine facility comprised of partners representing all equine breeds and disciplines from across Canada and the University of Guelph . This facility will provide events, training, research and testing grounds on a designated 600 acre site in Puslinch.
  • Enabling the display and recognition by local unique art and craft designers in Toronto ’s One of a Kind Show
  • Creation of an all-encompassing festival and events brochure for Wellington County
  • Hiring of an intern to promote the transfer of organic  farming knowledge Everdale Organic Farm and Environmental Learning Centre
  • A series of manufacturing opportunities to help individual companies diversify into new export markets and into new product lines  
  • Providing financial planning and business training for a large number of entrepreneurs interested in upgrading their skills and adjusting to the new economy
  • Construction of a commercial kitchen in the Centre Wellington Foodbank to host cooking classes for its clients and provide a testing space for culinary food entrepreneurs
As a result, 64 business and economic development projects were supported. These investments have helped 56 businesses in Wellington Waterloo to weather the economic downturn. 144 jobs have been created and maintained in the local economy.



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Economic Development Officer
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The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011

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