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By: Salem Chemicals  09-12-2011
Keywords: Dust Control, Minerals And Energy

"Mining is like a search-and-destroy mission." - Stewart L. Udall
In Canada, the mining industry is critical to the economy, contributing more than $50 billion of Gross Domestic Product while the US Mining industry has over 18000 companies, producing $149 billion worth of value. Canada ranks first in the world for the production of potash and uranium and in the top five for the production of nickel, asbestos, zinc, cadmium, titanium concentrate, aluminum, salt, molybdenum, copper, gypsum, cobalt and diamonds, as the world's third-largest producer of diamonds, providing 15 per cent of the world's supply. In addition to supplying base products for diluents, dust control and deicing, we provide a range of chemicals for the aggregation, processing and distribution of minerals and energy products.
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Keywords: Dust Control, Minerals And Energy

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The energy industry is a generic term for all of the industries involved the production and sale of energy, including fuel extraction, manufacturing, refining and distribution. Total worldwide energy consumption was 474 exajoules with 80 to 90 percent derived from the combustion of fossil fuels.