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By: Personal Legacy  09-12-2011

This morning I said goodbye to my trusted friend Reicher. For 13 ½ years he’s been a loyal and beloved part of our family. He died peacefully with those he loved around him; sensing his passing, my wife, the kids and I all had a special time to say goodbye. We would have done anything [..]

Someone has said that our lives are composed of two stories, the story of leaving home, and the story of returning home again. In our rapid transition from an oral to a technological society we have lost the art of storytelling, and the awareness of our need to do so. In my life, and in [..]

Do people just fall into their personal legacies; like the CNN Hero’s, the larger than life sports and entertainment personalities, or the entrepreneurs of today that formulate ideas in their garages and turn them into multi-billion dollar empires? Don’t wrongly assume I think these people have had an easy ride; in fact, I’ve discovered they [..]