By: Huronia Centennial Elementary School  09-12-2011

On Wed. Oct.14  the kids on the cross country team went to Little Lake Park for our first meet. When we got there we took a tour of the course. The grade 7/8 went first then Grade 6’s, Grade 5’s then finally grade 4’s. The grade 4’s had to wait until 1:00 to run. The older grades went first. Everyone who ran had to wear a special tag. The Grade 4’s ran 2 km, the Grade 5’S and 6’s ran 2 and a half km, and grade 7/8 ran 3 km.

Everyone had a fun time.  All the people who participated did a fantastic job.

By: Madelyn M., Grade 4

 Our Grade 5  Boys’ team won the pennant!  Congratulations to Owen, Nevin, Tye and Kam.  Eight H.C.E.S. runners qualified for the regional meet which is being held today at Mount St. Louis Moonstone.  We wish them luck!

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Student Council

The President of Haiti believes that tens of thousands of people may have died in this earthquake, and many more are suffering from injury, loss of loved ones, and the destruction of their homes. The Huronia Centennial Student Council feels compelled to get involved and do what we can in order to help the Haitian people during this tragedy.



Also we enjoy all the treats they bring in, like some of my favourite treats are cotton candy, candy apples, and the big lollipops. I know that my personal favourites at the Fall Fair are the dog show, the calf show, and the animal barn. Then my favourite rides are Salt and Pepper Shaker, Strawberries, and the Spider.


Community - community

We are asking that parents and guardians support our first waste minimization initiative by sending in a waste-free lunch every Wednesday. Members of our Green Team will be tracking how many students in each class bring a waste-free lunch on Wednesdays. Currently, Simcoe County Schools can recycle the following plastics. We are hoping to reach the goal of waste-free lunches everyday. This would mean a goal of ‘zero garbage..


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During the month of November, the grade 8 students will be participating in a fundraiser with The Pampered Chef,, to help off-set the cost of their year-end trip to Ottawa. Cookie press- 20% off – no minimum purchase.