Short Term and Long Term radon testing detectors

Short Term and Long Term radon testing detectors from Algoma Radon Testing

By: Algoma Radon Testing  01-11-2012
Keywords: radon testing, Radon Mitigation, Radon Gas Testing

Algoma Radon Testing has been conducting radon testing and mitigation since 1977. Through working experience Algoma Radon Testing recognized that Rad Elec E-perm Radon detectors were the most effective, efficient, accurate and environmentaly friendly testing detectors available. Algoma Radon Testing thus adopted the E-perm Radon Gas Measurement System. Rad Elec E-perms are the most popular of all radon detectors submitted to the EPA for its Radon Proficiency Program. The EPA, Health Canada, CNSC, AECL and many other government agencies and radon specialists use the E-perm Radon Monitoring Detectors because of their efficiency and accuracy. E-perms are true integrating detectors that can measure radon concentrations regardless of extreme temperature or humidity. E-perm Radon Detectors can be used for short term testing that can range from 2 to 7 days or long term testing up to several months.

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