Blue Star Celestial Energy Sessions and Training

By: Mona Germain  23-10-2011
Keywords: Transformation, Energy Work, Blue Star Celestial Energy

Raise your vibrational levels and tune into higher energies as you build the rainbow bridge to enlightenment and personal evolution

Keywords: Blue Star Celestial Energy, Energy Work, Transformation,

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Reiki, Karuna Reiki

Relaxation, Energy, Inspiration, Ki (chi) balancing, body-mind-spirit, Intuitive guidance. In classes you learn about the charkras, Reiki system and to channel and tune in to the Universal energy for your self .  Each level covers different skills. You will learn a life long tool to maintain your balance and facilitate others with theirs.  You will learn to detach form outcome and allow the flow so you do not give your energy away! You will learn principles of grounding and b


Metamorphic Technique

Why Metamorphic Technique? It can help you out of a stuck place in your life. It is relaxing and helps you get grounded here in your body. It relieves stress and can trigger emotional or trauma blocked energy so you can move on with your life in a happier way! You deserve to be happy and nurture yourself. You are worth the best!


Astrology Consultations

Knowledge and guidance about yourself, your path, your relationships help you feel more confident about yourself and your place in the cosmic wheel.