Heideman Forest Services

By: Heideman  09-12-2011
Keywords: lumber, Fibre, Pulp

We purchase timber standing, roadside, or yard.

Lumber is sold rough cut in either green or air dried. Production includes boards, squares, and timbers in a wide variety of sizes. It can be stickered and bundled as per customer specifications.

Hardwood Lumber
  • Oak, Maple, Aspen/Poplar, Basswood, Ash, White and Yellow Birch
Softwood Lumber
  • Red Pine, White Pine, Spruce
  • poplar, hardwood, and softwood
  • high quality and clean for fibre or pulp markets
  • clean free of slabs for fibre or animal bedding
  • available from either a ring or rosser head debarker for landscaping, bedding, or energy markets

Keywords: Animal Bedding, Fibre, lumber, Pulp, Softwood Lumber