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In a perfect world, we could all stay at home and be there to provide a loving and safe environment for our loved ones. Unfortunately, many parents and primary caregivers for the elderly have to work, and consequently, they are forced to spend at least a few hours at home alone during the workweek. So as parents and caregivers we hope and pray we beat the odds. With baited breath, we spend those last few hours of each workday praying that our loved ones are safe and secure until our return.

An astonishing sixty-four percent of school-age children are "latchkey" children - defined as children who come home from school to an empty house.  And with childcare funding in constant jeopardy due to budget woes, more after school programs for school-age children will be cut, and the number of latchkey children will continue to increase. 

An equally alarming trend is the number of elderly "shut-in's," defined as older adults who are living alone. And similarly to latchkey children, the number of shut-in's is expected to rise with the 70+ demographic group being the fastest growing segment of the population.


  • Qualified child & elder care counselors, in addition to a highly skilled team of domestic violence counselors;
  • Regularly scheduled check-in's;
  • One-on-one communication between Client and counselor;
  • Emergency situations quickly identified and managed; 
  • Secret password system;
  • Strict confidentiality .

247 CARE's SAFETY AND WELL-BEING MONITORING SERVICE provides a regular check-in service for school-age children and older adults. This service allows parents and primary caregivers for the elderly to arrange for regularly scheduled calls by counselors who ensure that their loved ones are safe and well.

The service is staffed by qualified child and elder care counselors; in addition to a highly skilled team of domestic violence counselors, who personally make the check-in calls. As a result, they are able to develop a caring, supportive, and trusting relationship with their Clients and can quickly identify potential problems before they become dire.

247 CARE's SAFETY AND WELL-BEING MONITORING SERVICE gives parents and primary caregivers for the elderly peace of mind, while they are at work. The service allows them to focus on their jobs and not have to worry about their loved ones during the workweek.

With the Increasing Numbers of Latchkey Children and Live-Alone Seniors in our communities, 247 CARE's SAFETY AND WELL-BEING MONITORING SERVICE is ideal. Families experiencing violence within the home also utilize the service. For these families, issues of Safety & Well-being have become a high priority. We CARE about the Safety and Well-being of our community's most vulnerable members.

The service is initiated by completing a registration form listing information about the child or elder, the recommended times and numbers to call, and emergency contacts. Next, a 247 CARE consultant will contact the parent or primary caregiver to schedule a call to review the registration information and to introduce the service to the child or elder - making sure that everyone understands and is comfortable with the service. After that, the service begins. All information provided is strictly confidential .  

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Keywords: elder care

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