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Maurice Bloch, B.A., BSW, OASW, MA 

Maurice Bloch has been providing sensitive, caring and supportive counselling for patients at the St.Clair Dufferin Medical Centre for over ten years. He specializes in helping those who suffer from depression, panic and anxiety disorders, low self esteem, and lack of confidence.  

Maurice helps in the development of empathetic communication, social coping skills, and self-empowerment. Maurice has experience and skill in marital counselling, spousal abuse issues, anger management, alcohol and drug problems.

Maurice worked for twenty years in the Criminal Justice System, and is fully aware of how the Ontario correctional service operates. He has worked closely with Probation & Parole Offices and is familiar with family and criminal court procedures. 

Maurice has been a special consultant to the Toronto General Hospital's Cardiac Rehab program since 1993. He runs a support group for survivors of open-heart surgery, and is part of a special team who delivers stress reduction programs to recovering open-heart surgery patients.

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Keywords: Counselling

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Unfortunately, many parents and primary caregivers for the elderly have to work, and consequently, they are forced to spend at least a few hours at home alone during the workweek. The service is staffed by qualified child and elder care counselors; in addition to a highly skilled team of domestic violence counselors, who personally make the check-in calls.



There are many factors in a difficult postpartum adjustment - sleep deprivation, financial stress, grief over an unexpectedly difficult birth, a traumatic family history, and the high expectations of the mother and the society she lives in, being among some of them.


ADAM Test -

YesNoAre your erections less strong?YesNoHave you noticed a recent deterioration in your ability to play sports?YesNoAre you falling asleep earlier after dinner?YesNoHas there been a recent deterioration in your work performance?YesNo. YesNoDo you have a lack of energy?YesNoDo you have a decrease in strength and/or endurance?YesNoDo you have a decreased enjoyment of life?YesNoAre you sad?YesNo. ADAM Questionnaire for Male Seniors.



247 CARE is committed to supporting the needs of our community’s Elders aged 60 to 64; and Elderly, referring to people aged 65 or above living independently or with family. 247 CARE provides, arranges for, or purchases the following direct services required to enhance the Clients' quality of life in their home environment.


Individualized Care Plan Assessment -

Check the days you/your family will be requiring Care/Support: Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday. Please help us serve you better by completing our Needs Assessment. Check what applies to your/your families Care/Support requirements. Do you/your family have any special needs. Are there any pets in the home.


What is ADAM -

As for side effects, "the major concern has always been whether testosterone supplementation would put a man at greater risk for developing prostate cancer than men who haven't received testosterone supplementation," Spark says. The Androgen Deficiency in Aging Men questionnaire could improve those treatment numbers by helping men 40 and older recognize the signs of testosterone decline, a slow process that can occur over 10 to 15 years.