The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus - a Bible overview

By: Goodseed International  09-12-2011

You believe the Bible and you want your friends to know - but fear has you tied up. What's one to do? How do you begin sharing the message of the Bible?

Perhaps you've had an experience where you tried to share your faith with someone, only to be met with a blank stare. You've realized they have no idea what you're talking about. They don't have the slightest clue why the Bible is so important to you and you don't know how to help them understand.

"Very interesting, very readable, and very necessary." ~ Elizabeth Elliot
"A breakthrough book for sharing a chronological approach to the Bible with unsaved friends and family in a reasonable amount of time. This can be read through in about eight hours.
A great evangelistic tool." ~

What if there was a tool that could not only make sharing your faith less intimidating, but also help give you a better grasp of what you believe? A way to communicate the gospel in such a way that as you shared it, people's eyes would light up with an understanding of what Jesus Christ did for them? Something that you could walk through with them as a Bible study or simply give to a friend to read? A way to make what many see as a dusty old book come alive with meaning in their lives?

  • Objective Presentation

    No arm twisting – the Bible is allowed to speak for itself

  • No Bible Knowledge Needed

    Begins with basics -- nothing is assumed. Even those with Bible knowledge find it fresh and educational

  • Complete Overview

    A panoramic sweep unfolds the Bible’s core message, presented chronologically from A to Z

  • Audience/Worldview Sensitive

    Written for individuals influenced by "Christianity" whether Protestant or Catholic

  • Unique Narrative Approach

    Told as a story, with 1200 Bible verses woven into the text

  • Helpful Illustrations

    Over 100 drawings, maps and diagrams give context to the story

  • Review & Dig Deeper

    The Workbook or Correspondence Course provides a dynamic review of the content. (Not available for all translations)

  • Ready-to-Give

    Give to friends without further explanation. The gospel is all there – simple and very clear

This fully illustrated, 304-page book is written for adults and teens who know little or nothing about the Bible. It explains in a straightforward way the greatest themes of the Bible, step by step creating an understanding of sin, substitution and atonement. You yourself may be asking the meaning of these terms, words you’ve heard many times but never quite grasped the full meaning of. These truths are woven through the text as each chapter builds on the previous. By the end, the reader has the foundation needed to understand the importance of Christ’s death and resurrection. The logical teaching of truth from creation to the cross makes for a clear understanding of what the Bible is all about.

Expand your understanding of how the stories of the Old Testament connect with Christ as you share your faith in a clear, non-threatening way with unsaved family and friends.

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