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By: Goodseed International  09-12-2011
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This book is excellent in 2 different areas:

  1. An evangelism resource to give to, or go through with others.
  2. Bible study lessons for your own understanding.

An Evangelism Resource

How do you share Christ with someone who believes that God is present in all of nature? When you speak of God, does your friend visualize a force or energy rather than a person? In a world where ‘spirituality’ has become popular and knowledge of God has all but disappeared, how do you share the good news of Jesus Christ? Just where do you find bible study lessons to communicate effectively to such people?

You've maybe tried to share your faith with someone only to be met with "I'm glad you've found your way to God but everyone finds him in different places and religions". The Western world has been influenced by cultures with belief in many gods, to the point where the people we talk to no longer have any understanding of the Bible or even of who God is.

"The ideal book to help explain the message of the Bible to our post-modern, post-Christian, & secular society." ~ (Reader Reviews)

What would happen if somehow the God of the Bible could be identified and set apart in people's minds from all the other gods that are followed? If somehow the authority of Scripture could again be established in people’s lives and Jesus Christ was recognized as the only way, the truth and the life?

  • Speaks to Worldview

    Written to engage a postmodern, post-Christian, secular society with limited exposure to the Bible (also relevant to polytheism, pantheism and animism)

  • Peels the Religion off the Bible

    Students are introduced to what the Bible teaches in an objective presentation as Scripture is allowed to speak for itself. The gospel message is clearly given

  • Connects Scripture from the Ground Up

    A chronological teaching of the Bible starting in the beginning and culminating at the cross

  • Sets Apart the God of the Bible

    In a time where people are accepting and worshiping a plethora of gods, this book addresses what it is that makes the God of the Bible unique

  • Narrative Approach

    Written in a story format with scripture integrated into the text

  • Visual Representations

    Illustrations, charts and maps help emphasize the teaching and expand comprehension

By This Name was written as a tool of bible study lessons to help explain the message of the Bible to a postmodern, post-Christian, secular society. Beginning by identifying who God is and what makes him unique, the author moves through Scripture from creation to the cross. Each chapter lays a crucial block into the foundation for a correct understanding of the gospel. Filled with drawings, maps and diagrams to help communicate the message, By This Name peels the religion off the Bible and lets the ancient story speak for itself.

Stop feeling like you’re wandering in circles as you share the gospel and bring into focus the God of the Bible and the message of hope found in Jesus Christ.

Bible Study Lessons for your own understanding

Have you wondered how the stories of the Old Testament fit together into one main message? Can you answer the question, "What is the Bible all about?" Is the Bible real clear to you, or does it seem fuzzy and vague?

By This Name is an excellent resource to help you understand the overall message of the Bible. Starting from the beginning and following through to the resurrection of Christ, the stories of the Bible are put together in way that makes incredible sense. After reading By This Name the message of the Bible will be come clear and logical - which is more than most people's understanding.

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