Bible Devotions for Kids -- The Lamb

By: Goodseed International  09-12-2011

Your children are still young, but you want to be sure they understand the gospel message. Maybe your grandkids are growing up without any knowledge of God. How can you clearly, in a non-offensive way, teach them the gospel?

You may have all sorts of books of Bible stories for your children and you talk about God whenever you can, but because of the graphic nature of the story of salvation, it’s hard to know just how to present it. You’re never sure if they’ve gotten enough of the story to actually believe.

“This is an excellent book to explain God's plan from the beginning for salvation. Although it is for children, the adult reading it will be ministered to.” ~

What if there was a book that covered clearly but sensitively the core of the gospel message in such a way that children could understand it? A story that dealt head-on with issues like good and evil? Something that when read to children would make them see why Jesus' death and resurrection are so important and what it means for them.

  • Age Appropriate

    Geared for children ages 5 and up but appreciated by all ages

  • The Gospel Put Simply

    The salvation message of the Bible is given in a clear and simple way. Issues such as sin and death are dealt with in a sensitive but straightforward manner

  • Fully Illustrated

    Full-page color paintings draw children in and hold their interest throughout the book as well as reinforcing the teaching

  • Audio CD Reading

    Includes a CD which gives a narration of the text

  • Addresses the Basics

    A foundation is laid beginning with creation, moving to a clear connection between the sacrifice lamb and Jesus as our substitute

  • Built-In Review

    Each chapter begins with a review and ends with questions to make sure the children are understanding the message

  • Bible Devotions for Children

    Although this book is relatively short (180 pages), it lays a very good foundation for other studies to come after

Drawing children in with its full color paintings, The Lamb Picture Book takes kids on a journey through the heart of the Bible's message. By laying a foundation starting with creation, a clear identification is made between Jesus and the sacrificed lamb for forgiveness of sins. Issues like death are dealt with in an honest, straight-forward manner, but never is the child left hanging. Hope is always introduced. With a review at the beginning of each chapter and questions at the end, the concepts presented are reinforced many times and give you tools to check how much your child is understanding. Included with the book is a 60 minute CD, providing a word for word narration woven together with a specially written song tying in with the story.

Use The Lamb picture book to give an accurate, undiluted but sensitive presentation of the gospel in a way that kids can make sense of it.

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