By: Nutraxis  09-12-2011

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I resolved my anemia (after hemorrhagic problems) by taking GSH Complex, my doctor was stunned and encouraged me to continue taking the GSH Complex .
Simone L. , St-Jean-sur-Richelieu

Since I take GSH Complex, my sleep is more restful. I feel less tired and in better shape. With the GSH Complex, I am less hungry, I feel more full with the GSH Complex; therefore, I control better my weight.
Antoinette S. , Montréal

Le GSH Complex m’aide beaucoup avec mon sommeil. Lorsque j’ai un rhume, il disparaît beaucoup plus rapidement. J’ai également beaucoup plus d’énergie. J’ai arrêtée pour 2 semaines et j’ai vu la différence. Le GSH Complex a changé ma vie !
D. Paradis, St-Constant

My name is André Gilbert and I am known as a Karate expert. A year ago, I started with the GSH Complex, I am very satisfy with it. I started the because of an injury that hurt my sciatic nerve and my spine. After a few weeks, I had very good results; my nerve does not hurt anymore. As for my spine, there is already less pain. I highly recommend the GSH Complex to you.
André G. , Montreal

It was a time where I did not have any energy to accomplish my task. From the time that I took the GSH Complex my energy level has increased and now I am in a better physical shape. That is not all, my cardio is so much better.
Stéphane D. , Laval

My wife spoke to me about the product and I was very skeptical. I work outdoor and I need the energy as the job takes a lot of my physical strength. Now, I take the GSH Complex and when I wake up in the morning I feel like I can get up and run. The GSH Complex really increased my energy.
D. Guerrier, Brossard

I just spent 4 days with my father and there is a resume of his health after 12 days on GSH Complex. He has a big change for the better. Just he gains 5 pounds in one week (to date he had lost 33 pounds), he could not use his right arm because of the numbness and pain; now he is moving from all sides and does not take a lot of medication anymore (just what is necessary). His back lump has diminished about 80%. Before he was staying in bed all day because he was too weak; now he can more around better even if he has to rest (most important). When people see him they ask: “Pascal, you look good”, all that because of the change.
Glenda B. , Montréal

I did not believe that GSH Complex could work so well, I simply thought that it was just another product, what was surprising were the results that I had a week after I stared to consume it, I was astonished, first I felt full of energy and vitality, after the joints pain went away, and the dullness of the skin on my face completely disappeared as well as the age spots, at the moment I am at my second jar and I will wonderful and what feels best is that other people notice how good you look.
Carmen R. , Zapopan, Jal.

I was very tired, I only wanted to be lying down, I no strength, everybody criticize me, until I was diagnosed with insufficient chronic renal, within my treatment the doctor prescribe GSH COMPLEX, I have been taking it for a month and already feel like doing my tasks & even going to school.
G.R.R., Zapona, Jal.

Five year ago I was diagnosed with Sweet Syndrome, I was hospitalized for 2 weeks, taken corticosteroids, doctors telling me that is a very rare case. At the end of last year on a trip to México, I started again with the skin problems, like 5 years ago. In México my doctor told me to give her a chance to treat me with GSH Complex and the results were extraordinary. In 8 days the lesion had disappeared, only the stain of my sickness was left and now they too have disappeared.
E.P.R. , California, United States

I am 64 years old, my doctor that I visit all the time, told me to take GSH COMPLEX because she saw that white stains appeared, she told me it was Vitiligo. I have been on this treatment for a month & the appearance of new stains have stop, and I also notice that I have more energy to do my work.

I am 94 years old, my family carry me to the doctor, the doctor revised my treatment and added GSH Complex, 5 days into my treatment, my family notice the changes, I felt like getting up and the strength to do so. I went back to the doctor & the one most surprised was the doctor , I was walking with 2 crutches, the doctor increased the dose and in 15 days I was walking with 1 crutch, I have been taking it for 3 months and I am using the crutch by habit but I don’t think that I need it.
F.N.C. Zapopan, Jal

I am an anemic person and before I took the GSH Complex® every day, I was at the hospital every month for a blood transfusion.
Thank you Nutraxis.
Perry Comeau, Shawinigan South

Sherry Harris, Ontario