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By: Grand River Webs  09-12-2011
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If you need help finding your way through the 'web', let Grand River Webs be your guide. You will be able to tap into years of experience working on web related projects including designing, site analysis, SEO, writing, content development and staff training.

Get help to - develop web marketing strategies to produce effective practical sales and branding solutions. Identify new opportunities or solutions to help grow revenue from your existing client base.

Services included in the design / development of a business website are:

• Research on the web for competition, target market information and keywords
• Creation of original design / interface / graphics for website
• Optimization of finished website for search engines
• Submission of website to top search engines (free) and regional directories
• Consultation/advice on how to promote the website through paid services
• Training in content management/maintenance where required


Your website is your company's gateway to the world, and the first contact for many potential clients. Keeping your site with up to date information is the key in any advertisement campaign. However maintaining a website is a labor intensive, complex task.

The workload is often not great enough to hire a full time webmaster but can be too complicated for existing staff to handle. Skills needed for technical programs such as HTML, FTP transfers and graphics manipulation techniques may not be available within your company.

Have Grand River Webs do the maintenance on your website permits you to change your website content at any time allowing you to keep your site current. Your repeat visitors want new information every time they visit.

Full Package Web Sites: Starting as low as $2,000.00.

Brochure Web Site: is a 3 to 7 page site, when you need more than our One page site but not a full multi-paged site. Not an e-commerce site but ideal for products and services.Costs can be a slow as $600

Web Site Redesign: To redesign a site often requires the same amount of time and effort given to a 'new' web site. For your budget purposes, consider the pricing strategy similar to a new site and you won't be disappointed. In fact, it may be less!

All Sites: Content and photos provided by client.

Basic Hourly Rate: $35. Note: Photo enhancement, Logo Design, Copywriting may be outsourced and quoted by the job. We will attempt to help you in any way we can but sometimes a specialist is needed.

Please Note: We are not a web hosting service. The prices quoted above do not include web hosting fees. We will refer you, however, to a business-friendly economic web hosting service. Expect to pay at least $100.00 Cdn./year (plus taxes)

Registration:'' - as low as $9.95 U.S./year (plus taxes) Additional $100 service charge for all '.ca' domains.

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Keywords: search engines, Web Marketing