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By: Flamborough Health  09-12-2011
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What is chiropractic?

Chiropractic is the healthcare discipline which focuses on the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of musculoskeletal disorders (disorders affecting the muscles and joints of the body) and the effect that these disorders have on the entire body and general health via the nervous system. Many people suffering from back pain, headaches, sciatica, poor posture, and sprains or strains have been treated successfully by chiropractic care. Also, many people who are interested in optimizing their overall health and wellness make regular chiropractic visits. The goal of all chiropractic care is to enable you to live a healthy and pain-free life through optimum bodily function.

Doctors of chiropractic offer a wide array of treatments, ranging from treatments which focus on restoring proper spinal or joint function to treatments for pain reduction to treatments to stimulate and accelerate healing.  Examples of treatments provided at Flamborough Health Clinic include adjustments (mainly by the PulStar), electrical therapy, rehabilitation and exercise programs, and nutritional supplementation and recommendations.

PulStar Multiple Impulse Therapy

The PulStar is a highly advanced and sophisticated computerized analytic and adjustive chiropractic instrument. Advances in science and technology have been successfully blended together with chiropractic in unprecedented ways to allow for the creation of the PulStar. Traditionally, a chiropractor has had to analyze a patient’s spine by palpation to locate areas of improper spinal motion or rigidity.  In a similar but much more consistent and reproducible way, the PulStar also analyzes spinal motion. Using the PulStar, a consistent light force is applied to each vertebrae (bone) of the spine to check for the quality and quantity of motion at that level. The sensor in the PulStar adjusting head then responds to and registers the reflective force and displays the result on the computer screen.  The resultant data is displayed on the computer screen, providing the chiropractor with an objective set of data to use in determining where to adjust.

The PulStar is then used to apply multiple impulse therapy to the spine where necessary. It utilizes a precise oscillating force to reduce fixation and restore proper spinal motion. After each adjustive oscillation, the sensor in the PulStar measures the motion of the spine. Once it measures that the spine's motion has been the same ten consecutive times, it deems that joint motion has been restored and normalized and automatically shuts off.

The patient is then re-analyzed with the PulStar in order to compare the pre-treatment and post-treatment scans. This gives real-time, objective feedback to the chiropractor, allowing him to see what effect the treatment had on the patient’s spinal motion.

The patient is analyzed and treated in a comfortable seated position without the need for any turning or twisting of the patient’s spine.

Electrical therapy

There are many different forms of electrical therapy, each of which has a different physiological effect in the body. Examples include TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation), IFC (interferential current), EMS (electrical muscle stimulation), and microcurrent. In basically all cases, the patient will have electrodes (ie. pads) placed in the region where they are experiencing their symptoms. Current is then applied through the pads, leading to a therapeutic effect in the patient. There are many different therapeutic results from the use of electrical therapy including pain reduction, healing acceleration, inflammation reduction, or muscle spasm reduction.

Rehabilitation programs

In many cases, especially with chronic or recurrent conditions, patients have both improper spinal or joint motion and improper spinal or joint control. The patient’s improper spinal or joint motion is addressed by using the PulStar, as explained above. The patient’s improper spinal or joint control is addressed through the performance of specific therapeutic exercises. The goal of rehabilitation programs is to restore the necessary stability, endurance, or strength to the affected region in order to restore proper control and function, thereby reducing the likelihood of recurrent episodes.    

Nutritional supplementation and recommendations

Research is showing more and more that what you consume has a direct effect on your symptoms. The level of pain you experience, how long you experience pain, how often you experience pain, and how fast your body is able to heal after an injury are all affected by your diet. Therefore, to minimize your pain and to accelerate your healing, it is important to optimize your diet and incorporate nutritional supplementation. We carry a high-quality selection of nutritional supplements from highly respected companies, many of whom only deal with healthcare professionals, to aid in the relief of your symptoms and optimization of your health.

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