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By: Anemoi  09-12-2011
Keywords: Wind Turbine

Wind turbine certification programs allow the wind turbine manufacturer to demonstrate that a system or installation (facility) meets specified standards for identification and labelling, design, power performance, noise emissions, and structural integrity. Certification of a wind turbine provides assurances to purchasing organizations - electric service organizations, government agencies, businesses and private individuals - that their investment will provide an expected output/return within standardized safety tolerances.
Leverage Anemoi's extensive simulation and testing experience into the design and/or management of a wind turbine certification test program. Anemoi can help directly through providing a complete suite of testing services and use of its test facility, and can manage projects large and small to ensure your testing meets rigorous modern standards established by organizations such as WEICAN and the NREL. Our certification support services for wind turbines include:

  • design evaluation conformity assessment
  • electrical safety testingĀ 
  • power generation equipment testingĀ 
  • energy management systems testing
  • safety and function testing
  • dynamic behaviour testing
  • load measurements
  • blade testing
  • power performance testing
  • power quality testing
  • fluid dynamics testing
  • acoustic noise testing

Keywords: Wind Turbine