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By: Dryden Youth Soccer  09-12-2011

Notices « Dryden Youth Soccer

Dryden Youth Soccer is the lucky recipient of a new set of bleachers donated by the Rotary Club. We have also purchased 4 sets of bleachers and 5 new sets of goal posts.

We need help unloading the trailer and setting all of this up so parents, families, and friends can have a place to sit and enjoy watching the kids play soccer.

Please let us know ASAP which time/day you are able to help out with the following:

1. Friday, April 30 at 6pm – unloading the trailer so we don’t have to pay for the use of it.

2. Saturday, May 1 at 10am – Rotary is requesting our help to set up their donated bleacher and we need to set up our 4 sets.

3. Sat/Sunday – Set up goal posts/nets and painting lines on the fields.

We need as many out as possible in order to make the workparties as short as possible.
Please bring a set of wrenches if you have some in order to tighten the bolts on the bleachers.

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DMTS Sounders 2 wins, 1 tie, 1 loss, points 7. Celtic 4 wins, 2 ties, 2 loss, points 14. Munich 6 wins, 0 ties, 1 loss, points 18. Spurs 4 wins, 2 ties, 2 loss, points 14. Rovers 3 wins, 0 ties, 5 loss, points 9. Hearts 2 wins, 2 ties, 4 loss, points 8.


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U11 Girls, Hearts wins over Spurs in penalty shots, 1-0. Consolation.Revolution 8 Vs Fusion 2. Consolation, Celtic, 3 Vs Rovers 1. U11 Boys.Munich 2 Vs Barcelona 2. Munich wins in penalty shots 1-0. DMTS 1 Vs Liverpool 3.


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Team 4 – Gillons’ Insurance Eagles. Team 5 – Grip ‘n Rip Fulham. Real Madrid vs DMTS Timbers. 2nd vs 5th Game 1.