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By: Hilmar Ingredients  09-12-2011
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Whey protein is the most complete source of protein humans require for good health. When compared to other protein types, whey protein offers a superior amino acid profile and efficiency ratio.

Whey proteins have a Protein Efficiency Ratio (PER) of 3.2, a "perfect" Protein Digestibility-Corrected Amino Acid Score (PDCAAS) of 1.00, and have a low glycemic load at two per 100 grams for concentrates and <1 for whey protein isolates. And with their formulation flexibility and high quality nutrition, Hilmar whey proteins can be used alone or to complement other proteins.

Hilmar Ingredients supplies whey protein made from sweet whey permeate. Its sole source is our parent company's large-scale cheese operations--the freshest, highest quality whey stream available. From this we produce three different types of whey proteins:

  • Hilmar Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC) – typically 80% protein
  • Hilmar Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) – typically +90% protein
  • Hilmar Whey Protein Hydrolysate (WPH) – typically 80% protein and enzymatically broken into smaller pieces called peptides

Within the Hilmar whey protein concentrate line, we offer specialty proteins including lactose-free, high gelling and alpha-lactalbumin enriched. The Hilmar whey protein hydrolysate line includes several levels of hydrolysis for options in flavor, texture improvements and nutritional value. And the line of Hilmar whey protein isolates includes proteins for clear beverages, dry mix and low pH formulations.

All Hilmar Ingredients whey proteins are Kosher and Halal approved, GMO-free and EU-conforming.

Lactose is a multipurpose food and pharmaceutical ingredient, recognized for its subtle sweetness, browning ability, absorption and low reactivity. As the world's largest single-site supplier of lactose, Hilmar Ingredients has the capacity to meet the industry's growing demands. Through our commitment to superior manufacturing processes, we remain highly regarded for our product consistency, purity and clarity.

The abundant source of whey permeate from our parent company's cheese/whey operation provides us with a unique and uninterrupted stream of high quality raw material. From this secure source and through extensive investment in refining processes, we can offer lactose in three progressively more purified grades:

  • Hilmar Edible Lactose – used for bakery, confection, meat, infant formula, conversion and fermentation
  • Hilmar Refined Edible – perfect in all the above, plus veterinary formulations
  • Hilmar Pharmaceutical Lactose – ideal for wet granulation process, pills, tablets and veterinary formulations. Currently, we specialize in crystalline grades of pharmaceutical lactose, with spray-dried and anhydrous grades planned for the near future. Our lactose conforms to the National Formulary, and lactose monographs of the U.S. Pharmacopoeia, European Pharmacopoeia and Japanese Pharmacopoeia.

All Hilmar Ingredients lactose products are Kosher and Halal approved, GMO-free and EU-conforming.

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A versatile ingredient, Hilmar lactose gives advantages in a variety of applications, from browning in baked goods and sweetening in desserts, to excipient in life-saving medicines. Hilmar edible lactose is available in several forms: natural lactose, medium grind lactose, fine grind lactose and extra fine grind lactose.


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With regional offices located around the U.S., and agents in many countries throughout the world, you can depend on our experienced sales staff to provide personalized service and convenient access. Specializing in nutritional beverages and foods, bakery, dairy, soups and sauces, and prepared meals, the Hilmar Ingredients Applications team is a tremendous resource for customers.


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With over 150 proven formulations for using our whey protein in food and beverage systems, we can step in with an answer to most application questions. Nutrient rich foods for a proactive eating approach giving more nutrition per calorie and a healthier overall diet. Ethnic foods and beverages with a nutritional boost including noodles, baked goods and cultured dairy products.