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By: Gp 50  09-12-2011
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FEBRUARY 2011 Product Release
GP:50 announces the release of yet another product to further complete their full line of upstream oilfield pressure and temperature transmitters. Working in conjunction with a major well servicing company, GP:50 developed the Model 340-IM series pressure transmitter specifically designed for blender discharge pressure applications. The Model 340-IM resolved the chronic high failure rates they experienced with other suppliers.Designed for direct pipe mount via its flush process pipe connection the Model 340 series can handle the pressure and harsh media found on Frac blender trucks.The Model 340 transmitter offers a compact, all welded, rugged design with a flush faced sensor that resists clogging found with conventional pipe mounted transmitters. With at least 5 times proof pressure, and a machined stainless steel sensing diaphragm, it can withstand erosion from aggregate and survive high pressure spikes typically found in blender applications.With a proprietary sensor design there is zero installation offset, typically found with flush NPT process devices. Available in 4-20mA, 0-5 VDC or Canbus J1939 outputs and pressure ranges from 0-75 thru 0-1,000 PSI.See our
Contact our sales team for more information at:
FEBRUARY 2011 Due to our continued growth, GP:50 has expanded our Sales and Customer Service team.
JUNE 2010 Website Updates
GP:50 announces a major update to our web site. To help navigate our site easier and provide quicker access to the correct product.
GP:50 has reorganized our site by market / application focus. By selecting the market closely related to your field the best product selection is readily available for your review. Application & technical notes, RMA, application assistance and customer satisfaction forms as well as product manuals have also been added or updated.Please send your comments and/or web site improvements to:
Qinones McFarland

FEBRUARY 2009 Models 170, 270, 370 - "QX" (HPHT) High Pressure High Temperature

JANUARY 2009 Approved for use in Division 2/Zone 2 Hazardous Areas
GP:50 models 311 and 370 have been approved for use in Division 2 and Zone 2 areas per the FM, CSA and ATEX requirements. They can be installed in these areas per the Division 2 or Zone 2 installation requirements (which require a conduit or other Div/Zone 2 approved connection) or installed with a Division 2 or IS barrier with any electrical connection. We offer Division/Zone 2 approved connectors that, when used with the appropriate Div/Zone 2 mating connection, eliminate the need for costly conduit. Please specify code “N” for FM/CSA approval (311N), “AN” for ATEX approval (370AN) or “GN” for all 3 agency approvals (IEC Zone 2 approval is pending).
JANUARY 2009 IEC approvals
GP:50 models 311 and 370 have been approved Intrinsically Safe per the IEC requirements. These internationally recognized standards are being accepted by many countries and will become the sole approval standard in the future. Models 311 and 370 can now be ordered with 4 agency IS approvals on one unit (FM, CSA, ATEX, IEC) to satisfy our customers varied needs. Please specify codes “I” for FM/CSA approval (311I) , code “AI” for ATEX/IEC approvals (370AI) or code “GI” for all 4 agency approvals (370GI).
JUNE 2008 Gauge or Sealed Pressure Reference Format article.
PLEASE CLICK on image to read our article that was published in the IPP&T June 20, 2008 Canada's Progressive Magazine.

MAY 2008 Dual Pressure & Temperature Weco® Union Transmitter
GP:50 announces a temperature output option to our line of Weco® “Hammer” Union pressure transmitters. Dual Pressure and temperature output is available in either dual 4-20mA or 4-20mA with 100 ohm RTD. Calibrated temperature ranges from -40 to 250° F are available.

MARCH 2008 Sub sea pressure & temperature transmitter updates
GP:50 announces market driven improvements to our Model 7500-9000 Subsea pressure & temperature transmitter series.
Design improvements include an 8” reduction in body length as well as improvements in sensor performance.

FEBRUARY 2008 Titanium Submersible Transmitter
GP:50 announces a Titanium construction submersible level transmitter. Designed for sea water applications the Model 313L-NI provides a corrosion resistant design with accuracies as high as +/-0.1% FSO and optional Tefzel cable. Pressure ranges from 0-20” thru 300 PSI are available.

FEBRUARY 2008 GP:50 announces another member of the Oil & Gas product family the Model series 271/ 371. In addition to our Weco® “Hammer” Union pressure transmitter, GP:50 now offers a temperature Weco union transmitter.
2” - 1502, 2202 or 2002 Weco formats in stainless steel that meet NACE MR0175 guidelines, Inconel X750 or Inconel 718 are available in calibrated temperature ranges from -65°F to +275°F, outputs of 4-20mA or RTD and optional electrical connections are available.

Keywords: Stainless Steel, transmitter