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This Pet Containment System offers secure, reliable pet containment, it let's your dog run but not run away! Installation of the dog fence is fast, simple  and do-it-yourself. Absolutely harmless to your dog. No unsightly fence, posts, or transmitters to spoil your landscaping.   

Safety and security for your pet are now as close as your own back yard!  Innotek UltraSmart ™ Dog in-ground dog fence systems set the standard for results you can trust. Not handy or good at installing things, don’t worry -installation is a snap in only three basic steps.  

Innotek UltraSmart ™ Dog systems consist of a buried fencing wire connected to an indoor, pet fence radio transmitter. When the dog approaches the boundary fencing wire of the pet containment system, a special UltraSmart™ dog collar worn around  your dog's neck delivers a brief, totally harmless correction that discourages him from crossing the boundary fencing wire. Corrections typically become less frequent as the dog learns the limits of his pet containment area.  


Only INNOTEK ® can offer in-ground pet fencing and remote training system in one package. The comfortable UltraSmart ™ dog collar does double duty, both as a  pet containment dog collar and as a remote dog training collar. Train in the yard or outside the property. System includes all elements of our UltraSmart ™ in-ground pet fencing, plus a pocket-sized controller. Training features 9 levels of stimulations, tone only dog training and more. For Safety, It has Ready Test to ensure proper collar fit


-The ADVANCED ULTRASMART™  DOG COLLAR IUC-5225 ( Check out the 3D Collar Tour)

· Wall mounted containment transmitter
· Long & short contact points  (for short and long haired dogs)
· 500 ft. of fencing wire (20 gauge)  This will do for about a 1/3 of an acre (any pet containment boundary perimeter longer than 500 ft will need extra boundary fencing wire kits BD-25)
· 100 ft of Fast Track twisted fencing wire and  Lightening protector LP-4100
· 50  pet fence boundary flags
· Pet Containment Range up to 25 acres
· Rechargeable lithium ion batteries
· Recharging dock or charger that you plug into the wall
· Instructional DVD and 800 help line
· if you have Dog training questions check a Training DVD or contact dog training hotline-800.826-5527-  which provides expert dog  training information FREE with purchase.
· If you have Installation questionsre your pet containment system see the Instalation and Planning page in the information section of this website or call Innotek at 800-826-5527 and ask for customer service


 INNOTEK  IUC 5100 CONTAIN N TRAIN ELECTRIC DOG FENCE SYSTEM  also doubles as dog training collars.

The remote transmitter has 9 levels of continuous stimulation as well as a tone feature. It has a 150 yard effective range.

The system features Innotek's ® patented run-through prevention to keep your pet in your yard. The dog collar and transmitter are both waterproof. This is a safe, rugged, reliable pet containment system.

Innotek's UltraSmart ™ Radio Fences give you the added flexibility of being compatible to Innotek's ®older pet containment systems as well as their indoor Zones™ system. The IUC-5100 collar works with the SD-2000, SD-2100,  and Zones™ indoor containment discs.

THE ADVANCED ULTRASMART DOG COLLAR IUC-5225 (check out the 3D collar tour)

 This is a good quality, lightweight, durable dog collar with a metal buckle that can withstand a lot. It has small  holes along the whole length of the dog collar so can be adjusted to many different sizes of dog's necks.  

If you need Extra dog Collars - The correct dog collar to purchase that matches this system is IUC -5225 

· The IUC 5225 Electric dog fence collar  is recommended for dogs 8 lbs and can be used on neck circumfirence size with a neck size of 6'' to 24"
· READY TEST™ - Ensures correct  dog collar fit, graduated battery status, and warns of potential system problems for greatest pet safety.
· Contoured, Integrated  Dog Collar - 30% thinner than other dog collar designs, a fraction of the weight. More comfortable for the dog.
· Waterproof  Dog Collar stands up to rough punishment, even submerged under water
· Rechargeable Dog Collar - Fast-charging, long life Lithium Ion batteries.
· Expandable - Add multiple dogs to the in-ground fencing system with additional INNOTEK ® accessory dog collars (sold separately). also work with Innotek Zones ® indoor system

 This dog collar product features Innotek’s new UltraSmart ™ technology.

The largest break thru is this new INNOTEK ULTRASMART ™ DOG COLLAR RECEIVER. These advanced small receivers are integrated into the collar. This collar receivers contour to the curved surface of your dog’s neck for a perfect fit, as opposed to all of the other receivers which are basically a square box. The new dog collars also perform an entire self diagnostic, which is fantastic . This is the only  dog collar receiver which will let you know if it has been fit correctly to your dog’s neck. Hands down the number one reason that dogs walk over the containment wire and leave the safety of the containment is poor dog collar fit. That problem has now been corrected.

This dog collar also features an advanced Long Lasting Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery, Not Cadmium, not Nickle Metal Hydride, but advanced Lithium Ion, so the charges are quick (1-2 hours) and they long lasting. The dog collar is recharged on a small recharging station, which can be placed anywhere. This dog collar receiver also features a battery indicator light; green is greater than half a charge, yellow is less than half a charge and red means recharge now.

Over the past few years, dog collar receivers have been getting smaller. Other Larger receivers are approx: 2 ½ inches wide by 1 ¾ inches high by 1 ½ inches deep. That makes them a bit large for dogs under 15 Lbs.

But the Innotek UltraSmart ™ microline dog collars are approx: 1 7/8 inches wide by 7/8 inches high by 7/8 inches deep. That makes them suitable for dogs as small as 8 Lbs. However, many people are looking for containment systems for dogs under 8 Lbs. It is not fair to say that these dog collars are suitable for dogs under 8 Lbs. That is a decision that only the owner can make. Will they work? Yes. Will the dog collar receiver be too big? That is a judgment issue for the owner. Hence, we recommend that you use those measurements in comparison to your dog or cat and then make your own decision. But remember, there is only one other dog fence system available with a small dog collar receiver that is the PetSafe ® Deluxe little dog fence.PIG00-10773 for 6 inches and up.  Is the weight of the dog collar receiver important, in practicality? No.

These dog collar receivers weigh between 1 ½ ounce and 3 ounces. They are extremely light, so light that you will commonly see your dog carrying toys, bones or sticks that weigh many times more. (You can also then check out our Petsafe ®PIG00-10773 Deluxe little dog fence sytem for smaller dogs)

This Ultrasmart ™Dog Collar Receiver is WATERPROOF
Most dog collar receivers are now waterproof. Waterproof means that the collar receiver can be submerged in water and will not be damaged. If the collar receiver is not waterproof it is water resistant. Water resistant means that the collar will not be damaged if exposed to rain or snow, but it should not be submerged. Clearly waterproof dog collars are the best.

The dog collar performs its own on-board systems check for your dog fence. Each time after charging the  dog collar runs its own diagnostic to ensure that it’s working properly. Power and electrical circuits are checked providing added safety for your pet. A green light tells you “all systems go” while a red flashing light signals a problem with the dog training collar.

The 3-way battery indicator allows you to  never run out of power in your dog fence . A green light tells you that the batteries are half charged or better, yellow means that the charge is less than half, and a red light tells you its time to recharge the  dog collar.

The Ultrasmart ™  Collar Reciever is RECHARGEABLE-                                                                                                        Rechargability of the collars is the  best thing to ever happen to containment systems. The best rechargeable batteries are Lithium Ion. Lithium Ion batteries last longer, and charge quicker than any other rechargeable battery available. Lithium Ion batteries do not develop a memory and will last well beyond the life time of your dog. Lithium Ion Batteries are only available from Innotek in the IUC-4100,and the  IUC-5100  The overall dollar savings are obvious, making these systems the most popular available, and least expensive, far outselling conventional battery replacement systems.
Proprietary batteries can be a huge pain as they are not commonly available. Frankly, any battery replaceable system requires that you pay almost $30.00 extra per dog per year, plus the time to get them, and the hassle of replacement. In this day and age, almost all household battery operated systems are rechargeable. Now containment systems are as well. The internal rechargeable battery never needs replacement and lasts beyond the life of your dog. These rechargeable containment systems, the SD-2100 , use Nickle Metal Hydride batteries (NiMH). NiMH batteries do not develop memory issues, and can be recharged as often as you want.

Only Innotek’s new UltraSmart ™ line of dog training equipment offers these features to ensure safe and reliable dog training.  Recommended for dogs 8 lbs and up and a neck size of 6" and up

Only Innotek’s new UltraSmart ™ line of dog training equipment offers these features to ensure safe and reliable training.

 Limited Lifetime  Warranty
30 day money back guarantee

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