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By: Webtech  09-12-2011

Our Services

Looking to establish your business or organization on the Internet? Then look no further than WEBtech. We will guide you every step of the way to make your venture into the exciting world of electronic communication a positive and profitable one.

Web Page Design
We will work closely with you or your advertising company to create the unique image you wish to present on the Internet to your potential customers. We will assist you in the converting of any of your current promotional material to an electronic format eliminating a costly redesign process.

Site Promotion
We will announce your Web Pages to the many search engines available on the Internet. These are locations that Internet users commonly search when looking for information on a product or service. In additon, WEBtech constantly surfs the net searching for sites that are related to the product or service our customers are promoting. We then work with these sites to provide Link points to Customer Web Pages that expand the exposure of those Web Pages.

Web Page Maintenance
We will continue to support you on an ongoing basis providing you with a cost effective method of ensuring your Web Pages will be up-to-date and informative to those who view them. This is an essential consideration in trying to keep pace in the ever changing world we live in.

Self Administering Web Pages
This feature allows you to design your Web Pages with information areas that can be maintained by you. This is great for doing an Events Calendar or a What's New this week or month section. It keeps your Web Pages timely and entices Internet users to visit your site on a regular basis.

Custom E-Mail Scripting
We will design E-mail forms specifically tailored for your use. When a customer selects the E-mail option they will be prompted with simple to use request forms that give you an accurate and timely method of responding to customer requests or feedback. This tool could also be employed to gather and analyze customer likes/dislikes by having them fill out simple survey forms.

Access Analysis
Each time someone accesses your Web page, called a hit, we will record the details. Then using the expertise from WEBtech's sister company Busitech, developer of Quailty Window an SQC/SPC Event Analysis software package, we will provide you with the ability to analyze these hits to your Web Pages. This provides you with a tool to measure the effectiveness of the information in your Web Pages.