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By: Ycommunicate  09-12-2011
Keywords: new media

Is New Media still really new? The truth is that media is always getting "new"! It remains the technology or delivery method in which we wrap our stories. These two important factors, the medium and the message, have the greatest influence on the effectiveness of new media such as web sites, blogs, E-Learning, portals, social networks, intranets and extranets.

We have considerable experience in developing online media and support through e-commerce, content management systems (CMS) and database management tool sets. We continually research the marketplace to evaluate new technologies, their influence on the delivery of information and customer use patterns. This allows us to place powerful tools in the hands of our clients and offer meaningful guidance on a changing information delivery landscape.

Regardless of the technology, exceptional new media benefits from only two things "being a great story" or "telling great story!"

Ycommunicate brings marketing insight into the production process, that you just can't get any other way.

  • We research technology on an ongoing basis to ensure that we understand how we can utilize its most innovative capacity
  • We offer guidance and information on how to use new technology to reach your clients more effectively
  • We immerse ourselves in your business model to ensure that we are leveraging value
  • We produce great creative, in telling your story
  • We use standard benchmarked interactive design to ensure that navigation is intuitive
  • We scale our solutions to your needs in the short and long term
  • We customize our enterprise level solutions where it makes sense, and source out off-the-shelf solutions as a more cost effective alternative implementation strategy when feasible

Our production skill set includes the capability to design, manage and implement custom enterprise-level, online solutions including web portals, extranets, e-learning or e-marketing, intranets and internets, e-commerce, content management, data management and more.

Keywords: new media

Other products and services from Ycommunicate


ycommunicate.com inc - displays

Our design team is experienced in creating great creative that is consistent with existing marketing strategies while taking full advantage of each unique display unit. Set Up and Delivery — we text each unit by setting it up on our premises before delivery to ensure that all parts are included and that all graphics look great.


ycommunicate.com inc - webhosting

We include up to 20 e-mail addresses and maximum storage capacity of 500 MB for each domain. We offer hosting solutions to companies and partners that we are working directly with. We support the development of our web environments with responsive customer service. We can tailor a cost-effective solution according to your needs.


ycommunicate.com inc - video

In a world where blackberry and iPhone networks are getting faster and delivering more visual content, where YouTube Videos are going viral and reality series rule the airwaves — video is more relevant than ever. This gives us a distinct advantage with our over 25 years experience in working on television series such as SCTV or producing national and international award winning videos or developing viral web-based videos.


ycommunicate.com inc - design

We support our writing and creative direction by offering consulting, media placement recommendations, layout & design, art direction, language adaptation, writing, illustration, animation on an al la carte basis. Our extensive background in writing original copy for videos, internet sites, advertising print elements and E-Learning is coupled with our strength in creative direction.


ycommunicate.com inc - overview

We also offer an unseen advantage in that throughout any project, we are always thinking about ways to leverage your message, repurpose assets, offer value and to ensure that the plan is scaled to your budget as well as your goals. Our core services are underpinned by ongoing research in new online marketing tools and techniques, great creative, sound marketing strategies and a focused project management process.