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By: Nutritional Harmony  09-12-2011
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Nutritional Harmony offers several programs that will teach you how to achieve optimal health and energy through educating you about your body, how it works and how to heal it.

Nutritional Counseling Package:

The Nutritional Counseling Package consists of 2 sessions:

Session one involves a detailed discussion of current diet, symptoms, lifestyle, medical history as well as health concerns and goals.  Prior to consultation, you will be asked to complete an extensive questionnaire and three day diet diary which you will be required to bring with you to the first session.

After a thorough analysis of your unique nutritional needs your customized nutrition protocol will be developed.  

Session two is when you will receive your customized nutrition protocol, with recommendations tailored to fit your specific needs, preferences and lifestyle. Your program will include diet modifications, recipes, supplement recommendations, plus practical guidelines on how to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Follow up Meetings:

These are 45 minute meetings to discuss modifications or additions to your protocol to meet your needs until you reach your health goals.

Nutritional Consultation:

A one hour consultation to discuss improving overall diet quality and/or natural remedies for any particular concern you have for yourself or your family. 

Kitchen Content Review : 

An in-home service to ensure your kitchen is stocked with foods for optimal health. I will explain how to read ingredient and nutrition labels. Healthy alternatives and recipes will be recommended and discussed to suit your needs.

Shopping Session:

You will be accompanied on your regular grocery and/or health food shopping trip so you can ask questions about your present food selections. Healthy alternatives will be recommended.   This will include dairy and wheat free easy alternatives to every day foods.  Healthy body care products and household cleaning products will also be discussed on this trip.

Detoxify Your Life:

In the past 50 years we have dramatically changed the world around us but in this process of modernization we may now have a more toxic life than ever before.

The many chemicals in our daily living products can have extremely detrimental effects on our health. The chemicals in most beauty products, cleaning agents and bedding are absorbed into our system through our skin and lungs. Many of these have been linked to cancer, hormonal issues, asthma and eczema. Children are even more vulnerable to toxic substances in the environment because they often crawl on the floor, put things in their mouths and they eat, drink and breathe more air for their size than adults.This service consists of a 90 minute consultation where we discuss the many alternatives for these chemical products and the importance of consuming organic foods to minimize the amount of pesticides, fertilizers, antibiotics and hormones that you are exposed to.As an add on to this service you can also detoxify your body through a customized detoxification protocol designed for you based on your lifestyle and needs.

Nutrition Seminars and Work Groups:

Studies have shown that education in the workplace on nutritional issues helps employees improve their health. This ultimately reduces the number of sick days and increases productivity. Other proven benefits include the improvement of employee retention rates and morale.

Nutritional Harmony has developed a series of seminars listed below that are aimed at groups of professionals and are designed to cover common themes that can improve the quality of our everyday lives. In addition to these, seminars can be specifically tailored to the group’s needs.

  • Using nutrition to manage stress and increasing energy levels
  • Boosting your immune system
  • Detoxification
  • Children’s Health &  Nutrition
  • Weight Management
  • Digestion: You are what you absorb and digest…not what you eat

Keywords: Foods, Nutrition, nutritional counseling