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By: Tecmotiv  09-12-2011
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Tecmotiv fabricates, sources, or rebuilds spare parts and assemblies for power train, exhaust, cooling, fuel, hydraulic, electrical control, and other systems for all types of military vehicles. The company supports a wide range of vehicles; from jeeps to towed artillery to main battle tanks (see vehicles supported).


Tecmotiv manufactures commercial and military products and is especially competitive for transmissions requirements. Recent contracts: M109 Transmission Upgrade Kits; Torsion Bars and M113A3 Steer Lock Modification Kits. The company has continuously produced Steering Differentials for commercial off-road, tracked vehicles for many years.


Tecmotiv repairs and overhauls many types of transmissions, engines, subassemblies, accessories, and components on a regular basis for a variety of combat vehicles. The company also offers Repair & Return and Engine & Transmission Exchange services.


Tecmotiv modifies hulls for light armored vehicles, performs light armor repairs, and modifies engines. The company also modifies and upgrades all types of power train systems, from engine to track/wheels, and has experience in power train prototype development.

Engineering Services Support

Our Engineering staff uses advanced problem solving skills (Six Sigma, Red-X) to quickly analyze, understand and deliver unique and innovative engineering solutions.


Tecmotiv also offers many other services, including:

• Test & Evaluation

• Project Management

• Technical Training & Support

Keywords: Transmissions, Vehicles