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By: Shrinkshop  09-12-2011

Thermafix Plus ®(Semi-Rigid)

Thermafix Plus® is a semi-rigid, 'dual wall' tubing, designed to meet automotive industry requirements for environmental sealing. As the tubing is heated, an inner wall of adhesive melts and flows to form an effective barrier against automotive fluids and moisture. This helps to protect the harness from the effects of corrosion and water wicking.

Thermafix DWPTM Flexible

Thermafix DWP TM is a flexible, 'dual wall' tubing, used for sealing and protecting mechanical and electrical systems (including splices, breakouts, and connector-to-cable transitions.

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The Shrinkshop - Thermafix Crimp

Heat Shrinkable and adhesive-lined, Thermafix CrimpTM products insulate and protect electrical connections from mechanical abuse, wire pull-out, and abrasion while resisting water, salt, and other contaminants. Heat shrinkable nylon· Hot melt adhesive lining· Transparent for easy installation· Extended temp.


The Shrinkshop - Single Wall Tubing

Choose the right size of Thermafix® Single Wall Heat Shrinkable Tubing to.. Excellent flexibility and high flame-retardance. Clear is not CSA/UL rated as flame retardant. Low shrink temperature - shrinks 2:1 at 90°C. Make professional looking repairs easier. Customize and repair sporting equipment. Cost effective, single wall polyolefin. Wide range of sizes and colors.