QC Construction Products Canada - Patina Stain

By: Qc Canada  09-12-2011

Our stain produces vivid, marbled colour by lightly etching and penetrating concrete. The result? A distinctive, variegated permanent finish that will not fade. When used with other of our products, this stain yields gorgeous translucence and a rich patina finish. Available in eight standard stains with additional variations possible.

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QC Construction Products Canada - Color Hardener

For surfaces that must withstand heavy traffic or utility use--commercial hardscapes, warehouses, industrial flatwork or amusement parks--QC Heavy-Duty Colour Hardener is also available. Colour That Performs - QC Colour Hardener delivers top architectural concrete performance: bright and brilliant colour, superior finishing, and extra durable, hardened surfaces.


QC Construction Products Canada - Release Agents

This product allows for the clean release of texturing tools from the concrete surface, and at the same time, creates highlighting colour with mat-type texturing tools. Used for releasing mat-type texturing tools from wet concrete, QC LIQUID RELEASE is a smart alternative if powder release risks damage to indoor finished surfaces. The original QC RELEASE POWDER is specifically designed for use with colour hardened textured concrete.


QC Construction Products Canada - Sealers

With 27% solids content and a lower solvent level than QC SOLVENT SEAL 18, QC SOLVENT SEAL 27 provides a non-yellowing "patina gloss" finish that protects the surface against dusting, staining and dirt. QC SOLVENT SEAL 27 is a quality solvent-based penetrating sealer designed to seal both architectural and regular gray concrete, terrazzo, brick and similar surfaces. This item comes packaged in one-, five-, and 55- gallon units.


QC Construction Products Canada

The proper combination of disintegrating bags or preweighed bulk ColorTech should be added to the drum and allowed to mix at a full charging speed for three to five minutes or until bags break apart and pigment is distributed evenly. Lightly sandblasting vertical surfaces is recommended to remove minor form marks and any cement latents resulting from water, cement, and colouring agents bleeding toward the forms during concrete placement.


QC Construction Products Canada - ColorTech

ColorTech is available in 25 standard colours and a wide range of custom colours, comes in disintegrating bags for fast, easy installation. Produced with synthetic iron oxide pigments, ColorTech is the economical choice for colouring ready mixed and precast concrete. A batch label system tracks the product from the warehouse to the job site for quality control.