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By: Prometric  09-12-2011

Actually, your competitors have done that already. They've made Prometric the leader in tests taken in testing centers as well as via distance learning. Shouldn't you know what others know?

So is Prometric, with testing that accurately assesses the people who impact your profitability. Nothing is more important than finding the right people, and the testing leader is here to help.

Why do more local, state and federal agencies choose Prometric for testing? Because we not only offer expertise, we know how to work within a budget. In fact, there may be no cost to you at all.

That includes the time your candidates spend on testing. Which is why Prometric makes it easy for them to get tested and get back on the job - an advantage of working with the testing leader.

Healthcare exams are among the most complex of all tests. All the more reason to choose the testing leader: Prometric. Our immersive testing replicates the challenges your candidates will face on the job.

Team up with Prometric, the IT testing leader conducting over 80% of all world-wide IT certification testing. Your candidates will enjoy the convenience of the world's largest network of testing centers.

Your testing program should be as professional as your association. Prometric delivers authentic tests with an efficiency that respects your candidate's precious time investment - which is why we're the leader.

The construction, design and development of testing programs that are relevant, psychometrically sound and legally defensible.

The efficiently operated global network that ensures proper presentation, user-friendly navigation, efficient scheduling, the highest levels of security and integrity, and fast, accurate results reporting.

The data management capabilities that put secure, customized testing results and data in your hands, giving you powerful informational tools to make the most informed decisions possible.

Services that offer round-the-clock and convenient records management and administrative services. Producers can find approved courses; providers can enter class rosters, update course lists, and more.

Services that take administrative hassles off our clients' hands. We can provide initial certification application screening to determine testing eligibility and/or full application screening. And all applications will be screened using your pre-determined criteria. Other license processing services include fingerprinting and photo licenses.

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