- e²LightSpeaker® Single

By: Lightspeaker  09-12-2011

Brilliant LED Light

The fully dimmable LED bulb is rated for 40,000 hours of use, meaning it could last 15 years or more! It also reduces daily lighting expenses by 80% and replaces up to a 65 watt bulb.

Full-Range Sound Performance

The full-range wireless speaker uses a high-performance, 20 watt, low-distortion digital amplifier to deliver energy efficient sound.

The wide dispersion driver uses digital signal processing to optimize high- and low-frequency output for a full spectrum of sound.

If you already own the e²LightSpeaker® System and want to expand your setup into multiple rooms, you can purchase individual e²LightSpeaker® units—up to 16  will work in a single system.

The e²LightSpeaker® is also for the do-it-yourself crowd. When you own several e²LightSpeaker's® , you’ll discover you have the easiest—most unique—and cost effective distributed audio system on the market. The system pays for itself in five years and you can take it with you if you move.

If you have an Edison socket, you can add brilliant light and wireless sound to your kitchen, living room, master bath, garage. Add audio anywhere you need light, even a table lamp with the e²LampKit ®—in mere minutes. There’s no wiring, no retrofitting and no software to mess with. 

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09-12-2011 - e²LightSpeaker® System

The LightSpeaker is the first product to combine efficient LED lighting and wireless sound in a single unit that screws in like a light bulb into a pot light fixture or table lamp. E²LightSpeaker® will add sound to your kitchen, living room, boardroom, garage or master bath in mere minutes. The e²LightSpeaker® relies on a standalone transmitter to deliver sound wirelessly.

09-12-2011 - e²LightSpeaker® AudioRock

Now you and your guests can be entertained by the e²LightSpeaker® in the kitchen, and the AudioRock entertaining everyone in the backyard. You can add AudioRock to your existing e²LightSpeaker® system and enjoy multi area sound outside. Multiple AudioRock's can be used together for sound all around your home, cottage or event. The AudioRock is a perfect addition to any dock, deck, pool or backyard get together.