By: Krown Concord  09-12-2011
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Automotive Corrosion Protection

After being applied, the Krown product creeps over the metal surfaces of a vehicle, providing a protective barrier on the surface. This barrier repels moisture and prevents water from coming in to contact with the metal. This prevents the chemical reaction of corrosion because when moisture is kept away from metal, it will not rust. Annual re-application of the Krown product helps to ensure that your vehicle will be around for years to come.


• Krown Concord offers fleets the convenience of a

pick-up / drop-off service and mobile units. Our mobile

unit will travel to your company to spray your equipment.

• Ask about our fleet discount

Detailing Services

• Maintaining the outside of your vehicle is not the only area Krown Rust specializes in. Let Krown Concord keep your vehicle looking new inside and out.

Price List

Full Restoration: Starting at $250.00
Fresh'n' Up: Starting at $15.00
Super Interior: Starting at $35.00
Work Express: Starting at $110.00
Carpet Shampoo: Starting at $45.00
Seat Shampoo: Starting at $45.00
Fabric Protection: Starting at $50.00
Leather Treatment: Starting at $50.00
Wax & Buff: Starting at $60.00
Odour Eliminator: Starting at $25.00
Paint Protection: Starting at $100.00
High Speed Polishing: Starting at $20.00
Engine Shampoo: Starting at $25.00

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Keywords: vehicle