Inroble - sport rotors

By: Inroble  09-12-2011

Inroble also manufactures a line of Sport Rotors. Cross-drilled and slotted, these rotors deliver superior performance and maximize your braking capabilities. The cross-drill pattern provides an escape route for dust and gasses generated during heavy braking thereby allowing the pad to remain in contact with the rotor. The slots draw air from the centre of the rotor much like a fan keeping the rotor cool. The result is increased, consistent stopping ability.

Manufactured in our own facility each Inroble Sport Rotor is, unlike many competitors, cast using dedicated molds to ensure fin and cooling hole criteria are not compromised. And like our line of regular rotors, each Sport Rotor is stamped with the Inroble name. Independent tests by police fleets have proven the effectiveness of Inroble's Sport Rotors.

Supplied in eye-catching packaging and supported by Point-of-Sale material, Inroble Sport Rotors are also affordable. If you are looking for the performance and aesthetics of Cross-Drilled and Slotted Rotors - you should be looking to Inroble.

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