By: Gibson Vander  09-12-2011
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GIBSON VANDER fine automobiles is a full service autobody repair shop. We repair damage caused by accidents, weathering, rust, aging, etc. We look after repair work from insurance claims, as well as repairs that you would like done yourself. Whether it's damaged body panels or a damaged frame, we will bring all parts of the structure back to its proper form and alignment. We will repair simple dents and scratches received from parking lot encounters to hard collision impacts.

We can restore the paint on your vehicle to its original shine and lustre. Whether you just need a simple polishing of the body panels or a complete paint job, we will make your car look just like new. Our downdraft spraybooth produces superior, flawless results. And our bake system cures the paint for a durable, long lasting finish. Paint is expertly applied, then flawlessly finished before the vehicle is released to the client.

If you own a vintage automobile or just one that has been neglected, we will restore it to its original form and condition. Parts for the restoration will either be repaired, replaced, or fabricated. Once the frame and body are true to measurement, paint mixed to the original colour is applied. All aspects of the vehicle are restored to authenticity.

Aftermarket or customizing products sometimes require body modifications. We can open up wheel flares to accommodate wider tires, add a spoiler, or reshape body panels.

Wheel Rims
If your rims are suffering the hazards of use on the road, we will restore them to their original new finish, or better. Whether they are alloy or steel rims, we will make them look like new again.

Through age or mishaps the interior of your vehicle could require attention. We can repair or replace the torn or damaged leather, fabric, carpet, and stitching to precisely match the original interior of your automobile.

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Keywords: Autobody Repair, Body Panels, Paint, vehicle