Gold Series High Vacuum Dust Collector

By: Farr Apc  09-12-2011

The GSHV Gold Series High Vacuum can be used in applications up to 17 in Hg or 8 psi positive pressure. Common applications include central vacuum systems, positive or negative product receivers and high pressure bin vents.

  • Heavy duty 10 and 7 gauge construction.
  • Vessel strength: 17 in Hg vacuum, 8 psi positive pressure (without explosion vent).
  • Flanged, tangential inlet minimizes dust contacting the filters.
  • Two models available:
    -GS2HV (2-cartridge design)
    -GS4HV (4-cartridge design)
  • Can be configured as a stand-alone dust collector or without hopper and support structure for bin vent applications.
  • Pulse-cleaning system includes field-mountable, solid state control panel.
  • Horizontal explosion vent.
  • Bag-in bag-out filter access door for pharmaceutical/hazardous dusts.
  • Continuous liner discharge for pharmaceutical hazadous dusts.
  • Discharge collection devices such as a 55-gallon crum or self-dumping hopper.

GS12 and High Vacuum 4HV on Toner Cartridge Dust

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Gold Series Industrial Dust Collector

The Gold Series dust collector utilizes Gold Cone® cartridge technology to deliver clean air and long life while utilizing the smallest floor space of any dust collector available today. Vertical design of the Farr filter cartridges provides more efficient pulsing of dust, thus eliminating uneven dust loading associated with horizontally mounted cartridges.


GS4M Gold Series Mini Dust and Fume Collector

Additional options include an explosion vent, aluminum and stainless steel flex ducts, a spark resistant flex hose, HEPA filter upgrade for the safety monitoring filter and outlet weather cover. Whether you need a small dust collector or mini fume collector for your business, the Gold Series GS4M delivers high performance. Automatic, reverse pulse cleaning systems for long cartridge life, prewired to on-demand pressure control panel.


GS-Mini - Portable Dust and Fume Collector

The new Gold Series GS-Mini is a single-cartridge dust collector for sub 500 cfm applications where you want a dedicated dust collector for one process machine or as a bin vent on a silo. A Gold Cone filter cartridge, fan and manual pulse system are included. Optional Automatic Timer Cleaning System. Optional Heavy Duty Food Grade Casters.


GSP Gold Series Packaged Industrial Dust and Smoke Collector

Automatic, reverse pulse cleaning system for long cartridge life, prewired to Photohelic® controls. The fan, cleaning system, filters and controls are factory assembled. Cleaning system requires 10 CFM clean, dry compressed air at 90 PSI. Modular construction allows component orientations to be changed. FourHemiPleat® HE fire-retardant cartridges with 325 sq. View port in sound enclosure to check fan rotation.


Zephyr III - Portable Dust and Fume Collector

The Zephyr III is ideal for industrial process contamination, source capture, and for plants requiring periodic dust collection at various locations. The Zephyr is a portable air cleaner for capturing welding fumes, grinding dusts, dry dusts, and soldering fumes, and other airborne particles. The Zephyr has 700 cfm capacity at the capture hood, 1,250 cfm free air. Thermal overload in motor starter switch.