Roll Off Systems / Custom Steel Fabrication

By: Dynahyd  09-12-2011

Dynahyd is the leader in creating Roll-Off Systems for use in real-world situations where normal on-load/off-load capabilities are lacking. If you have a large piece of equipment, from a storage bin or shipping container, to a scissor lift or forklift, a Dynahyd System allows you to load it up, move to site, and have it off-loaded and working quickly and safely.

Construction, material handling, rental, agricultural, salvage and container handling are just some of the uses of the Dynahyd systems. All the elements used in the construction of Dynahyd systems are high-tech, but are engineered with the real world in mind, allowing your own maintenance personnel to maintain the entire system.

The Dynahyd System is a Roll-Off System, fitted to a modified truck that allows you to move equipment from site to site. When activated the entire deck of the truck is hydraulically lifted and then slides off the back and flat onto the road-surface. Equipment can then be rolled or driven on to the deck and secured. The most specialized of equipment can be accommodated easily.

The quality of the construction, the innovation of design, and the integrity of the systems as a whole is why people purchase Dynahyd Roll-Off Systems.