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By: Citel  09-12-2011
Keywords: telephony, IP Telephony

Distributed enterprises utilizing a central PBX with advanced features and applications require IP migration solutions that leverage existing infrastructure investments, but also pave a road to the future of IP telephony.

Citel's EXTender™ and PBXgateway™ product suite accomplishes both objectives. Branch offices, call centers, mobile workers, and home-based workers connect to the corporate voice network over an IP network, while the enterprise extends the useful life of the existing PBX. As a result, enterprises achieve:

  • Lower monthly telecom operating expenses through unified dialing plans and IP network utilization.
  • Increased productivity through centralization of PBX management combined with distribution of PBX features and applications across the enterprise.
  • Reduced requirements for individual PBX or Key Telephone Systems (KTS) at branch offices and call centers.

Citel's EXTender and PBXgateway telephony solutions are designed for operational simplicity. Configuration, management, administrative, and diagnostic functions may be accessed using a dial up modem, local terminal, HTML, or Telnet connection.

For enterprises requiring the best of both worlds, Citel is the answer. With a broad product suite configurable for enterprises with anything from a single teleworker to a large network of branch offices and mobile employees, Citel has the right managed IP telephony migration solution for you.

Keywords: IP Telephony, telephony

Other products and services from Citel


Citel : Products : Module EXTender

This greatly saves the cost of adding telco lines, and installing another PBX, and increases efficiencies by having the main and remote site all operate as one Norstar® phone system. For campus environments where a 0 X 16 shelf is needed at the remote site, the Mod-EXTender is what you need, to cost effectively EXTend a 0 X 16 shelf to a remote location.


VoIP phones from Citel | SIP phones

The Citel 4110 is an advanced, fully featured two-lines IP Telephone that takes full advantage of VoIP technology by offering a flexible, interoperable solution at an affordable price it leverages the SIP & IAX2 standard to provide advanced calling, conferencing, and messaging features.Feature Highlights. Speed dial from phone book and call log. Caller ID and Call-waiting caller ID. Supports Both IAX2 and SIP.


Portico | VoIP adapter | Digital Centrex | PPhone | P-Phone | Adapter | TVA | Phone

The Citel Portico™ Telephone VoIP Adapter changes the dynamics of VoIP migration by enabling enterprises to obtain all the benefits of IP telephony utilizing the PBX telephones and wiring infrastructure they already have in place. Whether the enterprise is migrating to a Hosted IP platform through a service provider or managing their own on premise IP PBX, Portico simplifies the migration process, and is transparent to most users.


Voice Over IP | Voice Over IP Phone

Citel EXTender™ and PBXgateway™ equipment extends the services and applications of legacy voice networks over an IP network to remote branch locations, call centers, home based workers, and even mobile phones. Over the last decade, many enterprises have made substantial PBX investments in equipment and applications such as Voice Mail, Automatic Call Distribution, Interactive Voice Response, and more.


Citel : Products : EDAC

Our industry-leading EDAC monitors all line appearances on the desktop handset and then reformat digitized information into a standard analog format required by most enterprise-grade recording equipment. Call recording is a standard industry practice to enable quality service, training, security, transaction verification, and emergency services applications.