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By: Blendtech  09-12-2011
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We offer a wide variety of services that will meet your needs and deliver the satisfaction that you are looking for.

Let us help you with your “unique” problem.

BLENDTECH would like to be your total solution provider.

Services Offered

Field Services

BLENDTECH’s engineering group provides on-site project management, testing, commissioning, implementation and technical support for the process industry. BLENDTECH can provide fully equipped experienced personnel onsite to help assist in a successful installation and implementation of bulk product handling and loading equipment, additive and dye injection, ratio and wild stream blending & a wide variety of custom process solutions.

BLENDTECH has a great deal of expertise with all industry standard process hardware and software.

BLENDTECH provides fully licensed and trained personnel that can provide safe and effective electrical and mechanical work.

Toptech Factory Certified Contractor

We work very closely with Toptech and suggest you give them a call to discuss our capabilities and track record. To date, BLENDTECH has helped to engineer, commission and install well over seventy-five Multiload systems globally.

We can handle everything from project management to engineering as well as ongoing support. We are able to provide custom Toptech panel fabrication and drawing. We are a stocking Toptech representative and most Multiload parts available for immediate shipping. Give BLENDTECH a call to discuss all your Toptech needs.

Construction and Installation.

BLENDTECH is a division of PT Industrial Electric Co. (PTI). Since 1977 PTI has provided construction and installation services to the petrochemical and chemical industries. PTI is a fully equipped petroleum contractor capable of providing a complete complement of electrical and mechanical work.
PTI can provide a fully trained and experienced crew capable of handling all your constructions needs. We can either work as part of your construction team or provide you with a turnkey solution acting as the general contractor.
PTI specializes in hazardous location installations. We have received countless safety awards from all our customers and hold a number of trade certifications and licenses.
We look forward to working with you in the future.

Panel Shop.

BLENDTECH can provide you with a fully equipped electrical panel shop. We offer fabrication, engineering and design services for all your electrical panel needs. Our panels are built from the ground up in our panel shop with pride and a great deal of workmanship. We work very closely with CSA and UL and can supply panels that meet your approval needs.

Product Development and Design

BLENDTECH designs and develops all products “in house”. Let us use our expertise to help you develop a custom solution to your problems. We specialize in system integration and automation for the petrochemical and chemical industries. Our personnel offer a wide array of talent including hardware and software design, PLC programming, communication, diagnostics and troubleshooting, mechanical and piping design, IT system infrastructure and process control systems.

Let us help you with your “unique” problem. BLENDTECH would like to be your total solution provider

June 2010

1. We have expanded our shop to include the unit adjacent to the existing shop. This expansion has proved to provide a more streamline area for the production team.

2. Bio diesel Projects have taken the industry by storm and BLENDTECH is at the forefront of the conversion process, from consultation to conversion.

3. Ethanol Projects are now in full swing and BLENDTECH is proud to be the main provider worldwide for Ethanol blending skids and automation.

4. CSA / ATEX on Miniblocks has been acquired to meet world standards.

5. FSII Injection Project with Shell Aviation. BLENDTECH has provided Shell Aviation with an injector unit for their Aircraft Re-fuelers for the North American market.

6. Dye approval in BC, SK and MB for use of the new on board truck injection system. Key features include;

  • At the nozzle dye injection
  • Multi point of injection

Keywords: Bulk Product Handling, Engineering, Industrial Electric, product handling,

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Smart Injector – refers to an injector with a controller capable of maintaining the injector process without any additional control hardware. MKV-MK1 77X8 (MARK V – Smart Injection System) datasheet. Products Offered:Additive and Dye Injection Equipment. MKI-77X8 (MARK I Additive Injector manual ATEX). MKI-77X8 (MARK I Additive Injector manual CSA). MKV WSB (MARK V Wild Stream Blender).


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BLENDTECH, a division of PT Industrial Electric Co., is capable of providing our customers with complete turn-key custom solutions for the petrochemical and chemical industry.