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By: Argo Property Management  09-12-2011

On-site Inspections

  • Periodic inspections of all grounds of the condominium or rental property on a weekly basis or other intervals as determined by the Board of Directors or property owners
  • Visual inspection of all sprinkler/electrical/boiler rooms to ensure proper function of all common element equipment
  • Monitoring of unit owners and tenants to enforce municipal and condominium By-Laws and rules
  • In case of an emergency, Argo Property Management may be reached 24-Hours/day via our emergency pager and will respond to emergency calls
  • Other special inspections or services as requested by the Board of Directors or property owners

Building Maintenance:

  • Establish a comprehensive plan for preventative maintenance
  • Invite tenders for major projects from qualified contractors with liability insurance
  • Presentation of tenders, quotations and project specifications to the Board of Directors or property owners for approval
  • Arrange for general maintenance of the building including landscaping, snow plowing and salting services
  • Argo Property Management has a large network of contacts with many different contractors to meet all of your maintenance and repair needs

Accounting Services:

  • Prepare an operating budget, review and revise budgets as necessary and present budget to the Board for approval
  • Collect and receive all funds, common expenses and special assessments on behalf of the condominium corporation from all unit owners
  • Administrate all of the condominium corporation's bank accounts and deposit funds on a monthly basis or as otherwise directed by the Board
  • Administrate all of the condominium corporation's accounts payable duties, collect all invoices and issue payment on behalf of the condominium corporation
  • All invoices and cheques will be presented to the Board on a monthly basis to be signed and approved
  • At the end of the fiscal year, all of the accounting records will be forwarded to the auditor of the condominium corporation for the preparation of financial statements
  • All financial records, bank statements, invoices, cheques, etc. may be viewed by the Board upon request

Administrative Services:

  • Establish and maintain an up-to-date register of unit owners and tenants
  • Prepare Status Certificates upon request
  • Hold meetings with the Board or property owners at their request, or at periodic intervals if requested
  • Prepare and arrange Annual General Meetings for all unit owners
  • Take minutes of all board and general meetings, maintain the corporation's minute book and circulate minutes of meetings to all unit owners
  • Review insurance policy for the condominium and make recommendations to the board
  • Administrate the access to all restricted areas (sprinkler/electrical/boiler rooms) to ensure only qualified and authorized contractors may enter, upon written notice and liability insurance being provided to Argo Property Management
  • Address any problems or issue relating to the condominium corporation and respond accordingly, including retaining legal counsel on behalf of the corporation

It is our goal to provide you with the best possible service and meet your needs to the best of our abilities. We would be pleased to customize any of our services to your specific needs or arrange for any additional services that you may require that are not listed above.

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