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By: Alcom Security  09-12-2011

ALCOM SECURITY provides a better line of products at the same competitive pricing as other alarm companies, as a result we initially make less money on a new installation but make up the difference in both fewer service calls and fewer false alarms. In fact, customers of Alcom Security have enjoyed some of the lowest incidence rates of false alarms in Southern Ontario. This is mostly due to the equipment we use, but also can be attributed to better customer training by our support staff.
Hence, our clients are happier and stay with us longer and come back to us again and again.


ALCOM SECURITY Private Guard Response ALCOM SECURITY is offering new and existing customers a more cost effective - turn around time by providing a mobile response unit to all calls set-off by your alarm system. ALCOM SECURITY has carefully selected a professional Security Guard company who's dominant presence across Canada has given us the opportunity to provide a higher level of service and security to our customers at a reduced cost.
The majority of Police Forces require the purchase of a yearly license to respond to an alarm set-off at your residence or business. Some police forces are assessing heavy fines/financial penalties in addition to the licensing fee when they respond to a false alarm. Some limit the number of responses to your alarm system. Some will not respond at all.
With ALCOM SECURITY providing this secure service, you will have no worries being away from home or business at any given time of day or night.
We at ALCOM SECURITY strongly feel by providing you with the Guard service we enhance the quality of your security and offer you the best service value for your money. We would be pleased to upgrade your plan with this service. This ALCOM SECURITY Private Guard Response Plan entitles our valued customers/clients to receive four (4) Private Guard Response dispatches within a 365-day period at our low monthly-published rate. Dispatches in excess of the four (4) dispatches will be billed at our economical, published rate per dispatch.

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