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By: Woodup  09-12-2011
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Wood Up Custom Exterior Accents is the premier builder for all of your outside needs. It is through the vast depth of our team, a combined 40 years of experience, which allows us to tackle any task. Add to that a phenomenal resource of additional trades people and materials that we rely on to ensure that your project, your dream is executed and completed to the highest standard. Whether your project is one of a commercial nature or you want to spruce up your yard, Wood Up can help!

As an independent contractor and installer for several Home Depot locations in the Georgian Bay and Orangeville areas, we have proven and gained the trust of one of Canada’s leading providers of home improvement products, literature and appliances. Wood Up also works in tandem with several large property management companies in Ontario, ensuring that the fences, decks and other exterior features remain aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound. Our services have also helped several insurance companies to assist their clients in times of need and distress.


Aside from the general construction of your deck, we offer full in-house consultations and preliminary design work. We employ designers and engineers to ensure that your installation is pleasing to the eye while maintaining a rigid focus on the structural aspect. All of our submitted designs are in strict accordance with the Ontario Building Code (OBC) as well as the local building codes for your specific region. By working with our designers you have the opportunity to see and engage your dreamscape before we even begin. We offer many innovative ideas that will help you to capture the concept and essence of the end result you seek.


Whether you are seeking a large scale boardwalk for waterfront parks, commercial common areas or trying to cover rough terrain we are here to assist you! We have worked in several municipalities in Ontario installing waterfront structures and are quite accustomed to finding a solution to any problem, and almost always completing the project ahead of time and within budget.


As two of our team members are certified commercial divers we are also able to offer a full list of marine services, from inspections to installations. For people living on waterfront lots or in cottage country, having a waterfront deck, dock or boathouse although beautiful, can be a huge hassle. Our team has been contracted out to perform preliminary inspections as a condition of purchase, as well to annually inspect cribbing and piles for excessive corrosion, wear and shifting. Narrated video inspections are available and are often of great assistance when try to sell your waterfront home or cottage.


In recent years, we have discovered more and more people want to further enjoy their decks and common areas. Exterior fireplaces, either gas fed or fire heated are an awesome way to entertain guests, enjoy a book or relax with your family. And what a great way to prepare dinner – on your deck! Wood Up can have a full service kitchen incorporated into your deck with running water, lights, outlets and maybe a fired pizza oven. If you can dream it – we will work our hardest to make it come true!


One of the most important aspects, and perhaps the most ignored, is the annual upkeep and maintenance of your deck. With the climate that we live in, our exterior structures endure some extremely harsh conditions with little or no attention paid to the damage inflicted. There are some very easy and cost effective ways to ensure that you have your deck, fence or pergola last for many, many years. Contact us today to see what we can do for you!

Every spring we offer a sand and stain service. Our team will gently wash your deck with water and an environmentally safe cleaner, then sand all rough areas and treat it. We offer a full line of transparent treatments and oils as well as deck specific paints and stains. This will protect your deck and keep it looking amazing for the barbeque season!

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