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By: Medatech  09-12-2011
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Machine Control Technology

By leveraging the latest advancements in computing technology, we have created a platform where the usual constraints of embedded development no longer apply. Concerns of processing power and speed become secondary, limits are no longer dictated by hardware but rather imagination.

  • An in-cab or remote Graphical User Interface (GUI) based with an open-architecture allowing it to adapt to other pre-engineered communication protocols;
  • Internet connectivity (web access, updates, live assistance).
  • Fingertip access to Parts and Service Manuals;
  • Live video streaming.
  • Visibility and logging of real-time data (production rates, machine health, etc) to the operator and/or remote monitoring stations through various modes of connectivity (WiFi, RF, Cellular, GPS).
  • CAN and PLC connectivity.
  • Communication to any desktop computer with Ethernet connectivity.
  • Ability to run any Windows based applications: Excel, WORD, Adobe, etc, etc, etc, ad infinitum.

Engineered Pinned Connections

The Expander Pin System is a specialty mobile machinery pin for pinned connections where the pin provides easy installation, easy removal and a taper collar that eliminates wear in the lugs.

The pin design was created to provide a solution for retrofitting worn out pins in worn out holes in machinery. The pin with its’ taper collars can be inserted into oversized, badly worn holes without the need for align boring or re-sleeving. Once the taper pin collars are tightened, the pin hole lugs will no longer wear and the pin will remain tight.

Due to the ability of the pin design to solve worn hole issues, using the Expander System from the ‘get-go’ in new machine design is a cut above any other solution for pinned connections. The benefits are such:

  • Reduced engineering design required – tolerance of pin lug holes can be between nominal and 2mm over nominal – taper collar takes up the clearance.
  • Reduced manufacturing cost – high tolerance machining is not required.
  • Reduced assembly costs – pins basically drop into holes without hammering and sweating and then the collars are tightened easily.
  • Reduced maintenance cost and down time is eliminated due to pin lug hole wear – lug holes never wear out. The taper collar stays tight in the hole. (conventional pin designs begin to wear the lug holes the day the machine starts to operate)
  • Reduced disassembly effort – retaining bolts are removed, the pin is tapped, the collars pop out and the pin is easily removed from the hole. However, since pin lug bores never wear out, the need for removing a pin is infrequent; generally for the replacement of a hydraulic cylinder or rod eye.

Keywords: Pin

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Many OEM's have their engineering departments running at full tilt with no time for a feasibility study, whether it be market research, research and development directives, feasiblity of tendering a job, and a host of other reasons. MEDATech Engineering can provide project management in specific areas of a project or also provide project management over the product design and development lifecycle.