C.C. Tatham & Associates Ltd - water resources

By: Cctatham  09-12-2011

Water Resources Engineering is a constantly changing field with may recent changes to environmental rules and legislation that govern the management of the Province’s surface water. CCTA has continually been a leader in this field and has continually used an innovative yet practical approach to solving water resource problems. Our experience includes completing master drainage planning studies as well as site specific stormwater management evaluations for both private and public sector applications. We are also proficient in the completion of hydraulic modelling for flood hazard assessments and natural channel designs for flood and erosion control purposes. This includes the necessary design input for the construction of bridges, culverts and dams. We are also intimately familiar with the recent regulatory changes specific to Permit to Take Water regulations and provide advice on Permit to Take Water approvals and compliance monitoring for many clients. We are practical in our approach and have continued success in securing approvals for challenging projects.

Shoreline/infrastructure rehabilitation and remediation projects include the design, tendering, contract administration and field inspection of various shoreline related projects. Typically these projects require approvals from various agencies and technical design input. They can include dredging, habitat creation, shoreline stabilization (groynes, revetments etc.) and beach creation.

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C.C. Tatham & Associates Ltd - environmental

CCTA’s Environmental Engineering experts provide consulting services for a broad range of environmental engineering disciplines including water supply and treatment, water pumping, storage and distribution, wastewater collection and pumping, and wastewater treatment and effluent disposal.


C.C. Tatham & Associates Ltd - municipal

Whether on a street-by-street basis or in considering a community, we complete feasibility studies, preliminary and detailed design, manage and inspect construction, to provide site services for residential, industrial and municipal land development projects.


C.C. Tatham & Associates Ltd - transportation

In support of new gravel pits, quarries, water bottling facilities and similar industrial uses, CCTA has worked with the site developers, local government and the general public to establish appropriate truck haul routes. Our expertise encompasses traffic and parking operations, transportation planning and road/highway design for all types and levels of development, recognizing that transportation is critical for each.