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By: Bullfrog Wireless  09-12-2011
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Wireless Hotspot

Our wireless hotspot technology uses a mutli-band implementation to ensure you and your users receive an interference free, reliable connection, always. Our wireless hotspots use the latest technology to ensure you are utilizing the latest in security, reliability and speed.

RIBS (Reliable Internet Backup System)

Our RIBS system is built to provide a reliable internet system that offers a backup internet source in the event of your main internet experiencing difficulty or downtime. By using an additional internet source (fibre, cable, xDSL, satellite) in addition to our custom hardware solution, your organization can experience a reliable, hassle free connection, even when your main internet provider experiences problems.

MIBS (Multiple Internet Backup System)

Building upon the technology of RIBS, MIBS allows for up to 3 backup sources of internet, providing triple the redundancy provided by RIBS. MIBS has been designed for businesses that absolutely cannot afford any downtime whatsoever, and is our highest level of connectivity possible. As each MIBS system is designed specifically for each client, please contact our sales team for information. Our sales team will work with you and your team to analyze the applications and requirements for your business, to ensure MIBS is configured and deployed to the highest level of reliability.

Kiosk Machines

Kiosk machines allow users to use the internet by using a 1 piece, desk mounted system, configured either for pay or free access to the internet. Users on the go are able to quickly use the kiosk to browse the internet, check e-mail, news, etc. without requiring a laptop or PDA with them. Kiosk units are ideal for:

  lobby areas
  office services areas
  bar areas
  front desk

System Integration

Our team is happy to help you integrate the Bullfrog Wireless solution across your organization, most importantly, within your billing system. Our team has worked with such industry leaders as Micros and PixelPoint to ensure easy billing capability for your company and your users. Please contact our support team for more detailed information on some of our system integration capabilities.

Marine System

Our marine system effectively blankets your vessel with a wireless signal that is then connected to our systems on shore, giving you the range and freedom to wander far from shore, but still be connected to the internet. Our marine system comes easy to install and backed by our support agents if you have any problems. Your marine system is UL marine certified and built to withstand the elements and continue

Keywords: Internet Backup System, Marine System, ribs,

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With over 15 years of system and networking experience, Bullfrog has achieved a wealth of experience in the design, implementation and maintenance of mission critical networks. Whether your requirements are cross-town, or cross- continent, our team will work with you to analyze your needs and design a plan to achieve your communication requirements.