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  • Your own Lifestyle design package that includes all the information and assistance you require to develop your own plan.
  • Membership & access to the complete "Design Your Life Program"
  • E-mail access to your personal counselor.
  • Introductory Hypnosis Training Lesson and full course.
  • But most of all you will receive the best program for improving your life, increasing your creative, competitive and social abilities.
  • ALL FOR $24.99


  • Receive your first free add on 'Introduction to self-hypnosis.
  • Relax yourself into a learning mood.
  • Increase your physical conditioning levels.
  • Improve your health, nutrition and boost your immune system.
  • Develop your Life Style Plan.
  • Begin to build a secure financial future.

  • Novel downloads may be limited.  The picture of the sleeping lions on the left will take you to the Self-Hypnosis page of  


Any product not purchased through a download application is subject to a money back return by returning the material and requesting the same via our mailing address,  235 Cty. Rd. 25 Colborne Ontario, Canada . 

We  refund on downloads when the download process fails to provide a premium product.  We will  provide additional downloads if required.   If we are unable to provide a download product there will be no charge or a refund on your credit card.

Our  Lifestyle design program includes the idea of  obtaining and maintaining good health, fitness and the pursuit of happiness with a guide to success.  Life also includes several other factors that must be addressed to ensure a satisfactory result.   Eat right, exercise properly, remove all toxins from the workplace and home, provide a self-sustaining home and a property that heats, cools, pays and feeds us with an element of entertainment in the doing.

All the above is available with minimum effort above your current endeavours and you can make money doing it.  

The basic Lifestyle Design Program  includes membership in the Life Design System. You are eligible for the following services, items, products and materials:

1.  Individually designed exercise program.

2.  Individually designed nutritional program ( refer to diet as what you eat not how it's restricted.)  Weight gain is sometimes indicated as is weight loss from time to time.

3.  Instruction on message treatments, physiotherapy and hypnotherapy when they are indicated.

4.  Access to athletic training programs.

5.  Available membership in Eco Living Program.

6.  Access to organic foods grown locally.

7.  Seminars on numerous topics.

8.  Access to training courses and earn a university degree.

9.  Investment in the community in which you live.

10. Business opportunities.

11. Home ownership, a house that heats and cools itself, develops electricity for sale to the grid and satisfy your own needs.

12. A home that grows food indoors, develops its own waste management and provides beautiful surroundings.

13. A community of like minded people.



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From Aesops Fables to Animal Farm including:

Anna Karina

Lord of the Rings


The jungle Book

A Christmas Carol

Huckleberry Finn

Crime & Punishment

Heart of Darkness

also includes Stehen King's The Green Mile & much more

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