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By: Vcci  09-12-2011
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VCCI is committed to providing our customers with total service. We believe in a hands on approach to take the headaches out of financing our client's business and servicing their needs.
We work diligently to capture competitive rates and to provide flexible lease structures.
We are in the business of oiling the financial wheels of industry.


  • VCCI represents several Financial Institutions with different interests in the leasing market. This enables VCCI to provide very competitive terms to its clients over a broad range of items.
  • VCCI covers all kinds of machinery, equipment, production lines, storage equipment and most of the tools that industry needs to conduct its business.
  • If the client's business is seasonal, the payments stream can be adjusted to reflect this.
  • Capital and Operating leases.

Purchase management:

  • VCCI can act as a client's purchasing manager, negotiating with manufacturers to secure a better deal.
  • VCCI can consolidate all the components of a production line or multiple purchase situations into one convenient payment stream.
  • VCCI can administrate complex cashflow functions to simplify client accounting and to secure payment.

Financial Structures:

  • VCCI develops financial structures for clients to ensure optimal tax treatment.

Other Funding:

  • VCCI arranges other types of funding for its clients in the debt and equity arena.

Vendor Programs:

  • VCCI designs and administers vendor programs with many advantages to boost company sales. See Vendor programs.

Equity Finance:

  • See Mining Capital Corporation.

Telecom Systems:

Keywords: financing