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By: Lakeshore Hydrant Services  09-12-2011
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Hydrant Inspection & Maintenance
   Annual Preventative Maintenance (APM)

  The key word is Preventative, yes we do it annually and we do basic maintenance at the time of inspection.  It should be called annual inspection maintenance.  But no, we want it to be Preventative.

  For 14 years we have been repairing hydrants that have failed testing.  We feel waiting until there is a failure is not Preventative.  We have done our homework and made our notes and know the signs to identify a failure.  ‘O’ ring and metal fatigue are what we look for, but to do this we must break the hydrant down to do a visual inspection.  
  During an inspection we are able to detect abuse by unauthorized use which can cause undo stress on mechanical parts over time.
  As our Clients you have hired Lakeshore Hydrant Services Inc. to ensure your hydrants will operate if called upon.  We have developed this program using what we have learned to improve the service that we provide.  The insurance industry have a great fear of “Failure to Operate” and our new program will eliminate most of this fear.  We can not monitor all hydrants 24/7, but we will do our best to make sure that your hydrants are prepared to save life and property.   In the future we hope to implement a program of installing Anti-Tampering Devices on either certain hydrants or all hydrants maintained by LHS Inc.

Valve Inspection & Maintenance

  We are equipped with mechanical valve turning equipment and a vacuum so that each  valve can be cleaned and cycled to ensure proper operation.

  Leak Detection and Mapping are also available.

*Hydrant and Valve Programs can be tailored to ensure compliance of MOE Regulations, following the Best Practices of the National Guide to Sustainable Municipal Infrastructure.


Dry Hydrants & Cisterns

  Reports are prepared following the inspection and testing of dry hydrants and cisterns as per NFPA 1142.

Vac Services

  With our vacuum and high pressure water we can cut through the soil for many different purposes, including inspection test holes for underground services, for installing signs, fence posts, light standards and bollards.  Cables or fibre are not a problem. Small catch basin jobs, plugged sew er cleanouts and shifted or bent and broken valve boxes are easily repaired without digging by hand or with a backhoe.  Your work can be completed faster because locates are not required, or if locates have shown cables or other obstacles, work can still proceed safely.

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Keywords: Cables, Cisterns, Valve

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