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By: Cobourg Rust Check  09-12-2011
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Rust Check

Coat & Protect

Rust Inhibitor

Crevice areas hidden inside body sections, such as joints, folds, seams, and spot welds therein, are the places where corrosion starts and spreads from. Rust Check has the light liquid consistency and the active additives necessary to penetrate deeply into and protect the many vulnerable crevices found in today's vehicles.

Rust Check Coat & Protect is a premium vehicle undercarriage protectant. It can be thought of as a thicker version of Rust Check, with good adhesion and wash resistance. Coat & Protect eliminates dripping from the undercarriage, but does not harden; it is self-healing, won't crack or peel, and can be applied to both new and used vehicles

A multi-purpose lubricant and corrosion protectant. Protects metals from corrosion, keeps moving parts and mechanisms well lubricated, penetrates to loosen seized parts and inhibit corrosion in vulnerable crevice areas.

Keywords: corrosion, rust, rust check, rust inhibitor, Vehicles