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By: Cobourg Psychological Services  09-12-2011


Assessments can be conducted to address specific questions, and to help guide treatment planning or decision-making; identifying and understanding different presentations and problems, diagnosing when needed or helpful, and then formulating a treatment plan is an important sequence of events in providing sound, effective clinical services. Assessments differ in type and purpose. By example, psychoeducational assessments can provide a picture of a student’s cognitive profile to facilitate school planning. Clinical assessments can describe the impact on a person’s functioning of various life events or traumatic experiences, and help to evaluate whether an individual might benefit from psychological treatment.

Psychotherapy might be offered in an individual, group, couple or family format, depending on the problem and whom it affects. Psychological therapy encompasses a variety of treatment methods intended to assist individuals to “work through” their concerns and problems, and consists of a collaborative relationship wherein clients and psychologist work in an active partnership to achieve certain goals.

In general terms, consultation offers a cost-effective and time-efficient way in which to apply psychological resources and clinical knowledge to problems. When organized as a dynamic interchange between consultant and those seeking consultation, the consulting process can facilitate informative discussions, identify or table important questions or concerns, and generate informed recommendations.

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