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By: Limi-gene  09-12-2011

Feed Supplements for Champion Animals

Oxy-Gen Products are the most unique agricultural feed supplements on the market today. Whether you have a performance horse, or show animals such as cattle, lambs, goats, or hogs, Oxy-Gen will improve their performance. Time after time, Oxy-Gen animals sweep the awards at the major shows and small-town fairs across the country.

Oxy-Gen products are a topdress available in pellets, oats, paste and capsules to fit into any feeding program. Oxy-Gen enhances your current nutritional program by utilizing an extract of wheat germ, allowing your animal to reach their true genetic potential and make a statement about their ability to win.

Find out for yourself what thousands of other owners of champion animals know- Oxy-Gen produces champion results!

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LIMI-Gene - Legal Statement - storage

Monitoring nitrogen evaporation rates allows LIMI-Gene to detect in advance a tank which is losing holding time and replace it before any of the valuable semen it contains is in jeopardy. Each one of our customers have the option to enroll as a LG Insider which allows them to view their genetic inventory online through the internet. At LIMI-Gene, frozen semen is maintained in numerous state of the art, high capacity, cryogenic vessels.