Services Offered by B&H Ranch

By: B&h Ranch  09-12-2011
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Services Available at B&H Ranch

A variety of services are available at B&H Ranch, including:

  • Lessons
  • Training / Starting of Young Horses
  • Arena Rentals
  • Horse Shows
  • Trailering Services
  • Leasing of Horses

B&H Ranch Lesson Program

English and Western riding lessons are offered from a beginner level through to intermediate/advanced. Our lesson program promotes safety, and focuses on providing a strong foundation from which riders can build their skills. 
**All riders must read and sign the prior to enrolling. All riders will be required to pay in full any lesson that has not been cancelled at least 48 hours in advance.

Beginner Riders

Beginner riders will learn good horsemanship, in a safe and welcoming environment. Beginners will be taught to handle horses, learn how to groom, tack and untack the horse, and learn to ride at the walk, trot and canter (lope). Beginners are often started on the longe line (a long line attached to the horse, which is held by the instructor), which allows the rider to focus on building his/her skills, without having to control the horse. This is a very safe and effective way for new riders to learn to ride. Once the beginner has learned to walk/trot and canter/lope effectively on the longe line, they can graduate to riding off the longe line. At this point they may also choose to participate in group lessons with riders of similar skills.

New Experienced Riders

With previous riding experience, the first lesson will be an assessment to determine skill level. After this lesson and depending on rider goals, the instructor will work with the student to determine the best approach. Private and group lessons are available.

Coaching / Lessons


Arena Rentals

Keywords: Horse, ranch