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Drop Offs & Pick Ups
Dogs may be dropped off/picked up throughout the day, within our regular business hours.  At the time of booking a reservation you will be asked for an approximate "expected drop off time" to ensure that you and your pet are not kept waiting.  Early drop offs and late pickups may be available, when arranged in advance.

You may check-in your pet prior to noon (or 10:00 am on Weekends) if a kennel is available.  Like a hotel, we also have a check-out time.  If you pick up your pet by 12:00 pm Monday thru Friday (by 10:00 am Saturdays, Sundays & holidays) there is no additional charge for that day.  However if you are unable to pick up your pet until the afternoon/evening there is a late check out fee of $10.00 per dog.   

All dogs must arrive and leave the premises on leash.





Monday to Friday

8:00 - 12:00

12:00 - 6:00

Saturdays & Sundays

8:00 - 10:00

4:00 - 6:00


8:00 - 10:00

4:00 - 6:00

Reservations are required.  During peak times, e.g. weekends, holidays, please book as early as possible, as the number of available runs is limited. 
To ensure that your pet will be admitted for boarding, please verify with your veterinarian that all the necessary vaccines are completed and up to date.  See below for details.
If you unable to keep a reservation, please call as soon as possible to cancel.

Extended Stays
Pets staying longer than 2 weeks receive a 10% discount starting on the 15th night onward.

Holidays & Long Weekends
HappyDog is open all holidays except Christmas Day and New Years Day.  There is a two night minimum charge for bookings that occur over a Statutory Holiday/Long weekend.

Required Vaccinations for Boarding
Prior to admittance, written proof of the following current vaccinations, within the last 12 months, must be provided : Distemper, Hepatitis Parvovirus, Parainfluenza and *Bordetella.   An up to date Rabies vaccination is mandatory.  However the vaccination protocol may be bi-annual or tri-annual (every 2 to 3 years), depending on your veterinarian's reccomendations.
* The Bordetella vaccine is generally not included as part of a dog's annual booster vaccinations, if your pet does not board regularly.  Ideally this vaccine should be administered a minimum of 14 days prior to boarding.  Please inquire with your veterinarian as to the current status of your pet.  Bordetella is also referred to as canine/kennel cough. This vaccine is now recommended every 6 months by most veterinarians for dogs that come into frequent contact with other dogs (eg. parks, dogs shows, kennels, groomers, travel, vets, etc.).
Flea and tick control program must be in place.
All pets must be in good general health and have not suffered any illness in the past 14 days.
Minimum of 4 months of age.  Puppies also require proof of DHPP (minimum 2 times), Rabies and Bordetella.

Food, Supplements & Medications
To avoid any digestive upsets please bring plenty of your pet's regular food with feeding instructions, eg. 1 cup kibble 2 times daily, add warm water or feed dry.  You may also bring your dog's favourite cookies for snacks or we will give him/her ours provided your pet does not have any food allergies/sensitivity.  Do not bring any bowls or dishes from home. 
Also bring any medications and supplements, clearly labeled that he/she is taking. There is no additional charge for administering these items provided that it can be done at meal times (approximately 7:30 am and 4:00 pm).
Meals are served twice daily and snacks (dog cookies) are given out at lunch and bed time.  Fresh water is available at all times.  Let us know if your pet is on a different schedule.

Regular grooming will keep your dog looking and smelling great all year long.  Your home will also look and smell better.  Plus, dogs who visit HappyDog on a consistent schedule will find bathing and nail trimming much less stressful than being dragged in once or twice a year and some dogs actually learn to "like" being groomed!  At HappyDog grooming always includes lots of patience, belly rubs, cookies and pampering.

Hours of Operation:All grooming is by appointment only.  Short notice appointments (next day) can often be accommodated but please call ahead to book a time as space is limited.

Monday - Friday


8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.



Sundays & Holidays


Nail trim: $10.00
Pawdicure: $15.00
Great for dogs that paw at you or your doors - lessens scratches.  Great for furry feet that bring in more mud than they leave outside!  A pawdicure includes: nail trim, nails filed, excess fur around main pad removed, long fur on wrist/pastern shortened, excess fur around and above toes scissored.

Full Grooming Pricing Guidelines:Pricing is based on the following criteria:  size of dog, coat length, coat condition, dematting time, temperament and total time involved.  Every full groom includes a complete coat brush & comb out, pawdicure, ear cleaning, shampoo & conditioner, blow dry and styling/trim.

HappyDog accepts cash and cheques.  There is a $45 fee for all returned cheques.  All prices include GST.

Dog Size by Weight

Smooth Coated

Long Coated

small (under 25lbs):

$20.00 - $25.00

$30.00 - $35.00

medium (25lbs - 50 lbs)

$25.00 - $30.00

$35.00 - $50.00

large (50 lbs - 100 lbs)

$30.00 - $40.00

$50.00 - $70.00

giant (100 lbs and over)

$40.00 - $55.00

$70.00 - $120.00

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Keywords: Dogs, Grooming, Holidays, vaccinations

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