Chicken, Turkey, Duck & Geese

By: Dragonfly Garden Farm  28-12-2010
Keywords: grass based farm, grass feed animal,

We raise pastured Turkey, Chicken, Duck and Geese. They eat grass and have access to indoors where we offer fresh water and organic grain. Chickens always come home to roost, and turkeys, geese and ducks do too. All our birds have accommodations that protect them from predators, allow them to roost or nest and relax each night in a warm, safe place.

You may not know that in Ontario you have to purchase a chicken or turkey Quota if you want to sell chicken or turkey. Since we do not purchase quotas, we are only allowed to raise 300 chickens and 50 turkeys each year. What happened to the good old days when you grew what you could sell?

We do not purchase quota as our feed and housing costs are much higher than a conventional farm. We think it is more important to grow the animals in a pasture based farm plan than raising more animals more quickly in a confined area. So if you would like some chicken and turkey, please come to the farm to see us.

As a non-quota holder, I can't market chicken off the farm or advertise that we sell them, so I just wanted to tell you that we do grow them, here, at the farm, and only 300. Thank you for listening, I feel better now, knowing you know, that we grow chicken!

Ducks, what can I say? We raise them too, not many, if you would like a lot of them, please let me know and we will grow them to the size you prefer. We have both Muscovy and Peking, and they are so fun to watch them play out on the fresh green grass.

I had never tasted duck until we grow our own last year and I am smitten with roasted duck and potatoes. I have made it 3 times, each time when company was coming and everyone professed that they too enjoyed it. I had to take them at their word when there wasen't any duck leftover.

We grow geese and they frolic with the ducks in our new pond.

Keywords: grass based farm, grass feed animal,